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UFN 32 results: Ryan LaFlare defeats Santiago Ponzinibbio by UD in fantastic battle

Ryan LaFlare and Santiago Ponzinibbio will lock horns tonight at UFC Fight Night 32 in Brazil. LaFlare, who is 8-0 and 1-0 in the UFC, will look to continue his winning streak against the former TUF Brazil 2 competitor, Santiago Ponzinibbio. After getting injured during his win in the semi-finals of TUF, Santiago Ponzinibbio will be making his UFC debut tonight.

Round 1: Body kick starts the fight for both men. LaFlare caught Santiago’s kick. Front kick and superman punch by LaFlare. Another kick is caught by LaFlare and gets a takedown immediately into mount! LaFlare lands a nice left to Santiago’s head. Santiago gets back to full guard, but LaFlare is relentless and gets to half guard. LaFlare back into mount and raining down ground and pound. Santiago is trying to buck LaFlare off, but is eating punches. LaFlare rolls for an armbar, but ends up on his back. A quick scramble and Santiago has LaFlare’s back! Ryan spins out and is back is Santiago’s guard! LaFlare blasts Santiago with a right hand as he gets up. Head kick from Santiago is blocked. Santiago throws a body kick, but gets taken down for his trouble. LaFlare is kicked off with 30 seconds to go. LaFlare misses a spinning hook kick. Front kick misses for LaFlare. Body kick and right hand lands for Santiago as the round ends. 10-9 LaFlare for control and ground and pound.

Round 2: LaFlare with a body kick and outside leg kick to start the round. More kicks from LaFlare. Spinning back fist just misses for Santiago. Head kick from LaFlare grazes Santiago. After a takedown attempt from LaFlare and a scramble, he has back control. Santiago scrambles to the fence, but eats some punches. Another body kick from LaFlare. Santiago goes high again with the kick, but it is blocked. LaFlare’s head kick is blocked. 1-2 lands for LaFlare. Santiago is flat footed in this round. Straight left lands for LaFlare. Santiago hurst LaFlare with a flurry, and LaFlare is back up! Both men are firing away at each other! A stiff left hand by LaFlare. LaFlare gets a double leg with a minute to go in the round. LaFlare is working in half guard and is fishing for a submission. Body punches landing for LaFlare. That was a very close round, but I say Santiago 10-9 for hurting LaFlare standing.

Round 3: Another Body kick and superman punch combination from LaFlare. An eye poke from Santiago momentarily stops the action. LaFlare eats two outside leg kicks. Superman punch from Santiago misses. Head kick is blocked by Santiago. Two body kicks for Santiago. LaFlare answers with kicks of his own. LaFlare catches the spin kick from Santiago and gets a nice takedown. LaFlare is working in side control and is trying to pin down Santiago’s arm. LaFlare is landing elbows from side control. Santiago scrambles and gets up on the fence. LaFlare with a big body kick that rocks Santiago! LaFlare is going hard for the finish with heavy ground and pound! Knees to the midsection from LaFlare and more elbows. Santiago is showing some serious heart here. Santiago gets up, but eats more punches from LaFlare. Santiago just clipped LaFlare! LaFlare is hurt, and Santiago is too tired to finish him. Santiago goes for a big punch, but a beautiful omoplata sweep lands for LaFlare! LaFlare is in side control and that is where the fight ends. 10-9 LaFlare for almost finishing Santiago. What a wild round to finish this fight.

Official Decision: Ryan LaFlare defeats Santiago Ponzinibbio  by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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