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TUF 18 results: Jessamyn Duke dominates Peggy Morgan en route to UD victory

Team Rousey teammates, Jessamyn Duke and Peggy Morgan, will battle inside the Octagon tonight for a spot on the UFC roster. This will be a fight between the two tallest castmates on the show; Duke is 5’11, while Morgan is 6’1. Both Morgan and Duke lost in the elimination round of the tournament.

Duke (2-0) lost to Raquel Pennington by Unanimous Decision in an incredible fight in the elimination round. That fight will more than likely be named the fight of the season. After the show wrapped up, Duke moved to California to train with Ronda Rousey full time, so expect her to be much improved tonight.

Morgan (2-0) lost to Sarah Moras by submission in the elimination round of the tournament. Has she improved enough since her time on the show to get the win tomorrow night, or will Jessamyn Duke steal the spotlight?

Round 1: Duke with a jab to the body. Right hook from Duke. Morgan pushing her jabs out but they aren’t landing. Nice left hook from Morgan. Another body shot from Duke. 1-2 from Duke followed up by a nice right hook. Body head from Duke. Thai clinch from Duke and landing knees to the body and uppercuts. Duke pushes Morgan to the fence. Knees to the leg from Duke. Duke drops down for the Guillotine and it is deep. Duke is really working hard for this guillotine. Morgan is surviving and pops out. Duke is now looking for the triangle choke. Duke is peppering Morgan with shots from the bottom. She is locking up a triangle and nailing Morgan with elbows. More and more shots from Duke. The round ends with more punches from the bottom from Duke. 10-9 Duke for more effective striking and total control on the mat, even off her back.

Round 2: Right back to body head for Duke. Inside leg kick and outside leg kick from Duke. Left hook from Morgan. Duke is landing at will. Body kick from Morgan. Morgan with a jab, but eats a left hook. Inside leg kick from Duke. Left hook from Duke. Jab from Morgan. Uppercut from Duke. Body head again from Duke. 1-2 from Duke. Morgan is landing a a jab. Duke with another nice combination. Morgan is eating a lot of shots. Duke with an inside leg kick and eats a jab. Body head again for Duke. Head kick from Duke and Morgan walks thru it. Thai clinch momentarily. Body shot from Duke. Left hook from Duke and a knee to the body from the clinch. Morgan answers with her own knees. Big right hook from Duke backs up Morgan. Uppercut from Duke. Duke is just a better fighter at this point. Big knee from Duke. Morgan with a stinging jab. Left hook from Duke. Duke finishes the round with a take down. 10-9 Duke for more effective striking and the late takedown.

Round 3: Jab from Duke. Right hook from Duke. Body head combination again for Duke. Straight left for Duke. Body kick for Duke, and another. Thai clinch from Duke and more knees and punches. Morgan is looking for the takedown with double under hooks, but can not get it. Duke gets a takedown with a headlock, but Morgan gets her back. Morgan is fishing for the rear naked choke. One hook in for Morgan, and her arm is under the neck. Morgan landing some punches and Duke spins out. Morgan is now in half-guard. Morgan landing some shots, but Winslow with a terrible stand up. Duke lands a huge 1-2 combination, and Morgan’s face is badly busted up. A nice hook ends it for Duke. 10-9 Morgan for her control on top, but a close round. Regardless, Jessamyn Duke should win that fight easily.

Official Decision: Jessamyn Duke defeats Peggy Morgan by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Here is a GIF of the action:

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Credit: Zombie Prophet

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