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UFC Fight Night 33 results: Dylan Andrews injured, Clint Hester wins by TKO

TUF 17 alums, Dylan Andrews and Clint Hester, will battle tonight in an exciting Middleweight matchup. Both men were members of Jon Jones team on season 17. Tonight, they will put their friendship aside and battle inside the Octagon.

Andrews (17-4) is 2-0 in the UFC since his stint on TUF. He had impressive finishes over Jimmy Quinlan and Papy Abedi in both outings. Even more impressive was the fact that he hurt his shoulder in his victory over Abedi, and still got the KO.

Hester (8-3) is a former boxer, who has transitioned well into MMA thus far. In his UFC debut at the TUF Finale, Hester uncorked a beautiful standing elbow that knocked out Bristol Marunde.

Both men have power and finishing ability, so this should be a fun fight.

Round 1: Touch gloves to start. Big left hook misses for Andrews. Big right hand from Hester that stuns Dylan. Hester is throwing bombs. Stinging  jab from Dylan. Knee from Hester, and he is mixing it up really well. Counter left from Dylan. Beautiful takedown by Dylan off a body lock. Dylan is working in half guard, but not throwing any strikes. Dylan is doing virtually nothing, but now it looks like he may be looking for an arm triangle. Hester hits the sweep, but Dylan is going for the guillotine. Hester gets out and now he is working in half guard. Elbows from Hester. Another big elbow from Hester, but Dylan gets to his feet. Dylan hits the takedown, but Hester gets up. Hester lands a hook, but gets taken down again. The judges probably give that round to Dylan Andrews, but he did nothing on top. Hester was landing solid shots on the feet and mat. 10-9 Hester.

Round 2: Inside leg kick from Hester. Jab from Hester, and another inside leg kick. Dylan counters with an outside leg kick and goes in for a single. Hester defends and eats two outside leg kicks. Jumping front kick from Hester misses. Big counter left lands from Dylan. Powerful takedown into half guard. He just bull rushed him and got the takedown. Elbows again landing for Hester. Body shot and some left hands from Hester. Hester is mixing up the ground and pound nicely. Dylan is bleeding bad from his mouth as the ref warns Hester to work. Dylan looks gassed here, but gets up. Big uppercut from Hester. Dylan with a big right hand of his own, but he is wobbly. Body kick knocks Hester down momentarily. Leaping left hook misses for Hester. Dylan looks to have some sort of injury on his right arm. He was holding it very gingerly in the stand up there. The round ends and the doctor is checking it. Something is definitely wrong. They are calling the fight due to doctor’s stoppage. Dylan Andrews shoulder popped out on a right hook. That is a huge bummer for Dylan Andrews, getting injured in two fight in a row.

Official Decision: Clint Hester defeats Dylan Andrews by TKO (doctor’s stoppage) Round 2 

Here is a GIF of some action:

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Here is a GIF of the injury:

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Credit: Zombie Prophet

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