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Invicta FC 7 results: Tecia Torres dominates Felice Herrig en route to unanimous decision

In a highly anticipated strawweight battle, Felice Herrig and undefeated prospect Tecia Torres were set to face off on the main card of Invicta FC 7. The two women exchanged an entertaining weigh-in and face off and we were all hoping that they would translate that energy in to the cage.

Round 1: Herrig was aggressive right out of the gate as the two fighters exchanged strikes and she wasted no time going for the takedown. Torres was able to threaten with a guillotine attempt, but Herrig got out and the two fighters battled it out in the clinch. Torres was utilizing the underhook to keep the fight standing, as she looked to be the stronger fighter. Torres landed a shot as the two women separated and returned to the center of the cage. Herrig once again shot in for a takedown attempt, but Torres showed off impressive takedown defense to stay on her feet.

Torres was able to keep her balance and change position after stuffing takedowns and control Herrig up against the cage. Torres again landed a heavy combination as Herrig began to fade. Torres was unloaded on Herrig and opened up a cut as she began to smell the finish. Herrig took a quick look at the clock in between the exchanges, but Torres was showing no signs of slowing down.

Despite being the shorter fighter with a five-inch reach disadvantage, Torres was landing the cleaner shots with more consistency and Herrig appeared to have no answer. The experience was a non-factor as Torres continued to put the pressure on and blitz Herrig with combinations. Torres finished off the round with an incredible flurry of powerful shots that landed clean, before missing a headkick and ending up on her back.

Round 2: To start the second round, Torres had the crowd behind her as chants of “Torres” echoed throughout Ameristar Casino and Hotel. Torres continued to get the better of the exchanges and you could see her beginning to fade. Torres hit a strong kick to the lead thigh of Herrig, as she began to chop away at Herrig’s legs. Herrig was hesitant to throw because of the quick counters Torres was landing and that was allowing Torres to land at will. Ferrig anded a strong counter right midway through the second, but Torres ate it and kept moving forward.

Torres launched a spinning heel kick that nearly landed, but Herrig was able to stay out of danger. Torres was doing a great job of mixing in her kicks and punches as she continued to pick apart Herrig. If Herrig was going to want to come away from her Invicta debut with the win, she was going to need to mount a serious comeback and earn a finish.

Round 3: Torres was not content sitting on her lead in the final round and she came out with yet another flurry of punches. Torres was using her kicks early and caught Herrig with some heavy shots as Herrig came in with a sloppy takedown attempt. Torres was able to land a glancing axe kick midway through the third-round and continued to light up Herrig. Herrig was unable to do anything to get Torres out of her groove, and her desperation was obvious on a takedown attempt in the final two minutes.

Torres used her hips to keep the fight standing and reverse position to put Herrig’s back to the cage. Herrig returned the favor and reversed position, but she simply laid on Torres up against the cage and was unable to mount any attack. Torres landed some knees to the thigh inside of the clinch, before sweeping Herrig’s leg and landing a big takedown. Torres opened up her attack on the ground and begin to rain down some impressive ground-and-pound, but Herrig hit a sweep with just 15 seconds to go. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late and Torres would walk away with the decision.

Official Decision: Tecia Torres def. Felice Herrig via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27 and 30-27)


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