UFC Fight Night 36 results: Nico Musoke defeats Viscardi Andrade by unanimous decision

The second bout on the UFC Fight Night 36 main card is a Welterweight battle between two up and coming prospects. TUF Brazil 2 alumnus, Viscardi Andrade, will look for his second UFC victory against Swedish prospect, Nico Musoke.

Both men have one fight and one win apiece inside the Octagon. Andrade made his UFC debut at UFC 163 and defeated Bristol Marunde by TKO in the first round. Musoke made his UFC debut on short notice against long time veteran, Alessio Sakara. Musoke made the most of his big opportunity, and latched on a fight ending armbar in the first round. Check out the full play by play below.

Round 1: Inside leg kick from Musoke. Big overhand right from Andrade. Jab from Musoke. Body kick from Musoke. Check left hook from Musoke, but he is taken down. Andrade with an elbow and some punches. Big left hands for Andrade. Musoke to his feet. Jab from Musoke. Big miss from Andrade on the overhand right. They clinch, but break off. Andrade rocks Musoke with a huge overhand right, celebrates like he has won, but the ref did not call it off. Andrade finally jumps in and lands some hammerfists, but Musoke attacks with an armbar. Andrade breaks out and lands some heavy ground and pound. Musoke works back to his feet. Jab from Musoke, followed up with a body shot. Andrade is winging his punches and is cracked with a right hook. Left hook from Musoke. Knee from Musoke. Big right from Andrade, but Musoke answers. Knee to the body from Andrade. Body kick from Musoke and a counter right from Andrade. Leg kick from Andrade. 10-9 Andrade for almost finishing the fight. If he did not celebrate early, he may have finished him.

Round 2: 1-2 from Musoke and one to the body. Teep kick from Musoke. Big overhand right from Andrade is caught, and Musoke pushes him up to the cage. Musoke gets a takedown, but Andrade gets to his feet. Knee from Musoke to Andrade’s chin. They break off the cage and exchange. Right hook from Musoke. Musoke landing a few jabs. Musoke with a left head kick rocks Andrade. Musoke is pouring it on and is landing on a hurt Andrade. Musoke takes Andrade down on the fence. Musoke with two big right hands after throwing Andrade’s legs to the side. Andrade throwing ineffective strikes from bottom. Hammerfists from Musoke. Musoke gets side control momentarily, but Andrade transitions back to full guard. Elbows from Musoke on top. The elbows are relentless from Musoke. 10-9 Musoke for hurting Andrade and the ground and pound on top.

Round 3: Jab for Musoke to start. Another missed overhand right from Andrade. Short right hook for Musoke. Uppercut for Andrade. They clinch, but Andrade breaks free. Musoke with a jab. Another bih overhand right from Andrade. Musoke looking for a takedown up against the cage. Musoke gets Andrade’s back and momentarily gets him down. Musoke gets him down again, and now he has full back mount with two hooks in. Musoke fishing for the rear naked choke. Musoke locks up the body triangle and is punching Andrade from the back trying to soften him up. Not much action as Musoke is content to ride out this fight in back mount. 10-9 Nico Musoke for back control.

Official Decision: Nico Musoke defeats Viscardi Andrade by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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