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Matt Hughes vs Matt Serra 2?

The UFC is in the midst of a changing of the guard. 2013 saw the end of Anderson Silva’s Middleweight title reign and Georges St-Pierre left the sport he dominated for so many years. Prior to that, MMA lost Forrest Griffin, Stephan Bonnar, Matt Hughes, and Matt Serra as well. The UFC now has a new face with Jon Jones, Cain Velasquez, Demetrious Johnson, Jose Aldo, Anthony Pettis, and more. While MMA fans get acquainted with the new faces, they can not help but have an affinity for the legendary fighter’s that once graced the Octagon.

Yesterday, some MMA nostalgia was going on in the Twitter world. Former bitter rivals, Matt Serra and Matt Hughes, exchanged on Twitter, possibly hinting at a fight in the future. Check out the picture below to see the two men’s exchange:

Credit: R/MMA

Credit: R/MMA

This all started with the idea of a friendly exhibition BJJ match at a UFC expo in the future, but Serra upped the ante by asking for an MMA fight. Hughes, who has never been one to back down in his illustrious career, said that if Dana White is in, then he is in.

Both men are former UFC Welterweight champions and Hughes is a UFC Hall of Famer. The two men’s feud dates back to 2009 when they coached alongside each other on season 6 of the Ultimate Fighter. They fought at UFC 98, where Hughes won a unanimous decision in the fight of the night.

This bout will likely never happen, however, as both men have been out of competition for more than three years. Regardless, this is a fun back and forth between two legends of the sport.

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