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Randy Couture breaks down TRT

If you follow the world of MMA, there is no doubt by now that you have heard about Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). Over the past year and a half, TRT has become a major controversy in the sport with many divergent opinions. Some fighters claim they need it for their health while others deem it as a performance enhancing drug.

Dana White has wavered with his opinion on TRT, but his most recent comments state that he would like to rid TRT from the sport. ESPN caught wind of the controversy, and ‘Outside the Lines’ did a special segment on it. 

Former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight champion, Randy Couture, has decided to voice his opinion on the TRT issue in MMA. Couture, who competed well into his late 40′s) explains exactly how training in MMA causes even young men to have depleted testosterone levels. This leads the fighter to take TRT in order to reach normal levels, but could also lead to abnormal levels and a failed test if not used properly. Couture’s insight is interesting because he takes a form of testosterone therapy, which he discusses in the video.

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