EA Sports UFC rumored for June 17 release


Mixed martial arts fans and video game enthusiasts have been anxiously waiting for a release date for the highly anticipated release of the next-gen MMA game, “EA Sports UFC,” and now there is finally a rumored date.

While the release date is far from confirmed, an image was located by a user on reddit that shows a screenshot from the Costco website claiming the game will launch on Tuesday, June 17.

Check out the screen shot below:

There has also been a rumored release date of June 30, so while we have to wait for an official announcement from EA Sports it appears that the launch date will be coming in June. EA Sports has consistently said that the release date would be “very late Spring,” so the June 17 date would be fairly accurate, while June 30 would be “very early Summer.”

Regardless of when the launch comes, “EA Sports UFC” appears poised to bring MMA fans the best mixed martial arts video game that we have ever seen and it should be great to hit the sticks with some quality next-gen graphics and physics.

Check out the official gameplay trailer below:

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