Chris Holdsworth: Everyone wanted to be on Team Rousey on TUF 18

During the past season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” which featured heated rivals Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate, there was a common belief among the cast members of the show. According to men’s bantamweight winner Chris Holdsworth, who was on Team Tate, everyone was hoping to be selected as a member of Team Rousey before the team lines were drawn.

“At first, in all honesty, I think everyone wanted to be on Ronda’s team,” Holdsworth told Damon Martin of FOX Sports. “I thouStilght our personalities were very similar and I thought I could learn a lot from her. Just all that in general, but on the other hand I knew of Miesha, she trained with our team before, I was comfortable with her coaching staff, she brought on some coaches I was very familiar with.

“I was very comfortable with it once I found out Miesha was going to try to pick me. At that point I really didn’t care. I knew I was going to end up on a team and I knew what I had to do to make this the best experience.”

Of course, Miesha Tate’s team ended up producing the two winners from season 18 of the reality show, so it is safe to say that everyone — especially Holdsworth and women’s bantamweight champion Julianna Pena — were happy with where they ended up.

Still, if the fighters would have had their choice of who to work with, it would have been the women’s bantamweight champion.

“I was happy to be on any team, but at first, everyone wanted to be on Ronda’s team,” Holdsworth said.  “Just keeping it real.”

It’s safe to say that it is a good thing the coaches flip a coin to determine who picks the fighters and they are ultimately in control.

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