EA Sports UFC roster set at just 99 fighters

When EA Sports UFC launches on June 17, fans will notice some faces missing from the game’s roster. Fighters like Tyron Woodley and Anthony Johnson aren’t included in the base roster for the game. In fact, only 99 fighters made the cut for the first UFC game from EA Sports.

The last game from THQ in 2012 featured 150 fighters.

In an interview with creative director Brian Hayes, FOX Sports’ Marc Raimondi found out why the roster was limited to less than 100 fighters.

Because of the development team wanting to make the fighters look and feel as lifelike as possible, the number of fighters they could get done was smaller than they had hoped.

“That’s as many guys as we could get done in the time allotted,” Hayes told Raimondi.

Hayes told Raimondi that fighters like the aforementioned Woodley and Johnson would likely find their way into the game via downloadable content after the game’s release.


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  • Howard Katz

    I am soooo excited about this game,,,I pre-ordered.