Top 5 prospects from TUF Brazil 3

If you do not have UFC Fight Pass you are missing out on the excellent season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3. The show seemingly has a plethora of potential UFC fighters just itching for a chance to fight inside the Octagon.

With only one episode to go prior to the finale, you still have time to catch up with all of the episodes. If you plan on watching the show, this article will include spoilers, so beware.

Today we list the top 5 prospects from TUF Brazil 3.

5. Marcio Junior “Lyoto”

If you are wondering why Marcio fights under the name ‘Lyoto’, it is because he fights in similar karate fashion to the former light heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida.

Lyoto came into the show a perfect 12-0 in his career, and is one win away from making it to the TUF Brazil 3 finale. With his incredible striking acumen and ability to grow, the sky’s the limit for Lyoto.

4. Wagner Gomes “Wagnão”

Wagnão may have lost in the TUF Brazil semi-finals, but he lost to arguably the best fighter of the season in Warlley. Early on in their semi-final match, Wagnão made a critical mistake by leaving his head to the side during a single-leg takedown attempt. Warlley immediately latched on to a deep guillotine and forced Wagnão to tap.

Regardless of the loss, expect Wagnão to be on the TUF Brazil finale due to his performances prior to the loss. Wagnão is dangerous on the mat, and has looked solid thus far with his striking. He also seems to be fighting a weight class above in order to be on TUF, so a drop down in weight may come in the near future.

3. Richardson Moreira “Monstro”

Rick Monstro has all the tools to become the TUF Brazil 3 heavyweight tournament winner. He has heavy hands, a strong jiu-jitsu game, and a solid gas tank. To make the finals he will have to get past Vitor Miranda, who is a very good fighter in his own right.

Monstro came into the show with a 7-1 record with seven finishes. He continued that trend during the show as well, as he finished both opponents on TUF Brazil thus far.

If Monstro makes it to the heavyweight finals, he will have a stiff test in front of him as he takes on his teammate, Antônio Carlos Junior.

Although the UFC is in desperate need of heavyweight blood, the top 2 heavyweights of the season (Rick Monstro and Antônio Carlos Junior) are naturally light heavyweights.

2. Antônio Carlos Junior “Cara de Sapato”

Cara de Sapato may very well be the best heavyweight on this season of TUF Brazil 3. Unfortunately, he will definitely not be fighting in the heavyweight weight class when he makes his way to the Octagon.

Cara de Sapato may have the best jiu-jitsu of the entire show, and yet he knocked out his first two opponents in devastating fashion. Just to make sure the audience was aware of his great jiu-jitsu technique, Cara de Sapato submitted Marcos ‘Pezao’ Rogério in the semi-finals in order to make it to the TUF finale.

Prior to the show, Sapato only had three professional fights. He has a ton more to improve on, but he could become a legitimate threat in the UFC in the coming years.

In my opinion, Cara de Sapato will win this season of TUF Brazil regardless of who he faces whether it be Rick Monstro or Vitor Miranda.

1. Warlley Alves

Warlley is hands down the best prospect to come from this season of TUF Brazil 3. After getting into the show following a split decision victory, Warlley made the most of his time with the coaches and made huge improvements in all elements of his game.

After knocking out his second opponent, Warlley took on the dangerous jiu-jitsu game of Wagnão. Warlley, who is portrayed as a great kickboxer, stunned nearly everyone other than his head coach Chael Sonnen when he submitted Wagnão with a guillotine choke to make it to the TUF Brazil 3 Finale.

Warlley has what it takes to potentially become a top 10/15 fighter in the UFC’s Middleweight division. Chael Sonnen even went as far as to say that “one year from now, Warlley could be the champ”.

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