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UFC Fight Pass to stream NSAC hearing today

The UFC dropped a bomb this afternoon when they announced via Twitter that they will be streaming today’s NSAC hearing live exclusively on UFC Fight Pass.

Here is the tweet from the UFC:

This is interesting to say the least as this will be the first ever live streamed NSAC hearing the UFC has ever been involved with let alone streaming on their very own subscription service.

The hearing was called after the UFC 175 debacle with Wanderlei Silva, Chael Sonnen, and Vitor Belfort.

Wanderlei was set to fight Sonnen at UFC 175 in the culmination of their bitter rivalry after coaching against one another on the third season of the Ultimate Fighter Brazil.

When the NSAC showed up at Wanderlei’s Las Vegas gym for a random drug test prior to his UFC 175 match up against Sonnen, Wanderlei literally ran away from the test, and then posted an odd video explanation of the entire fiasco.

Wanderlei was immediately pulled from the bout with Sonnen and replaced by none other than Vitor Belfort, a man who has had his own drug test issues as well. Once that bout was announced, Vitor came clean that his February drug test that was concealed for so long turned up elevated levels of testosterone, which ultimately led to the demise and ban of TRT from MMA.

Just days later, Chael Sonnen failed his random drug test for UFC 175 due to banned substances in his system he failed to disclose to the commission. Sonnen said he would appeal the decision because he was forced to take those drugs in order to fight without TRT, but ultimately chose to retire instead.

Once Sonnen retired, the UFC pulled Belfort from the card altogether, which means he will not have to show up to the NSAC hearing today.

Wanderlei is the only man left standing, but will he show up to the hearing today, or bail once again? What are your thoughts on the entire scenario? Will you watch the hearing today? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @SchlinskMMA

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