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UFC 175 results, live blog (July 5, 2014): Weidman vs. Machida, Rousey vs. Davis live coverage

This holiday weekend is one of the biggest fight weekends of the year, and on Saturday night from Las Vegas, it will all be highlighted with the much anticipated UFC 175 event.

This is one of the more stacked cards of the year, however all eyes will no doubt be on two specific bouts.

First, Ronda Rousey will put her women’s bantamweight title on the line against Alexis Davis and look to extend her streak of dominance in the UFC Women’s division.

Then, in the main event of the evening, the Middleweight Champion of the world, Chris Weidman, will look to successfully defend his belt against Lyoto Machida.

There are these two fights and much more! Here’s a look at the entire card for Saturday night.

UFC 175 prelims (UFC Fight Pass, 7 pm ET, Fox Sports 1, 8 pm ET)

Fight Pass: Luke Zachrich vs. Guilherme Vasconcelos
Fight Pass: Kevin Casey vs. Bubba Bush

Prelims main event: Urijah Faber vs. Alex Caceres
FS1: Kenny Robertson vs. Ildemar Alcantara
FS1: Bruno Santos vs. Chris Camozzi
FS1: George Roop vs. Rob Font

UFC 175 Main Card (PPV, 10 pm ET)
Chris Weidman vs. Lyoto Machida- Middleweight championship bout
Ronda Rousey vs. Alexis Davis- Women’s bantamweight championship bout
Stefan Struve vs. Matt Mitrione
Uriah Hall vs. Thiago Santos
Marcus Brimage vs. Russell Doane

Be sure to check back here when the action gets underway as we’ll be providing live updates below throughout the evening, plus GIFs of everything taking place in the Octagon.

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Rob Font (10-1) vs. George Roop (15-11-1) (Bantamweight)

Round 1: Roop comes right out in the first and tries to get the kick going. Font comes right back, though, and lands a short right hand to the jaw. Roop stays coming with the high kick off the jab setup. He gets Font up against the cage and lands a knee, but Font gets out quickly. Font now comes with the kick and lands near the midsection, and Roop answers.

Shortly after, Font lands a huge right hand and that’s it. Rob Font wins his UFC debut by knockout, and improves overall to 11-1 in his career.

Winner: Rob Font

Chris Camozzi (19-7) vs. Bruno Santos (13-1) (Middleweight)

Round 1: A lot of feeling out in the middle of the octagon to start this one until finally Camozzi comes with the left kick. Camozzi trying to use the huge reach advantage as much as he can, showing off the experience. Both fighters trade kicks, with Camozzi getting the better of the exchange.

With about three minutes to go in the round, Santos lands a right hand to the jaw, not a fairly strong one though. Camozzi really putting that reach advantage to as much use as possible. With two minutes to go, Camozzi lands a huge right hand on Santos and they lock up against the cage, right where Santos wants to be.

Santos gets Camozzi up against the cage, but Camozzi lands a knee and they come back out. About 30 seconds after that, Santos takes Camozzi right back to the cage. Credit to Camozzi for continually fighting off the double underhooks, he’s making Santos work more and more.

The round comes to an end with the two still locked up near the cage.

Round 2: Right off the bat, Santos lands two huge punches, but Camozzi comes right back with the kick. Santos then takes Camozzi right down to the mat. Camozzi looks to be setting up an arm bar while on his back, and he’s doing a tremendous job of blocking the knee attempts by Santos as well. Excellent defense on his back from Camozzi.

Santos can’t get anything going on the ground, Camozzi’s height advantage is giving him a lot of trouble. Camozzi eventually gets back to his feet, but he falls right back down and Santos gets in a few nice shots immediately after the take down.

Camozzi is able to hold off until the horn.

Round 3: Santos lands a right as they come out, and Camozzi is back to using the reach and trying to land the short kick to the calf. He gets in a nice front kick to the body as well.

Camozzi lands three long jabs in succession. Near the cage, Santos grabs Camozzi and takes him right down to the mat, even with Camozzi grabbing the top of the fence on the way down.

Once again Santos can’t capitalize and Camozzi gets himself up with a minute to go. Nearly immediately, Santos gets him right back down to the mat. The defense from Camozzi went from excellent to mediocre in the last two rounds.

The final round ends with Camozzi on his back and we’re going to the cards.

Winner: Bruno Santos via split decision

Kenny Robertson (13-3) vs. Ildemar Alcantara (20-6) (Welterweight) 

Round 1: Robertson doing a smart job of keeping the left hand high to knock get caught by the right hand of Alcantara. Robertson gets Alcantara up against the cage, but he can’t get the leg sweep to get him down. After some nice defense by Alcantara, Robertson finally does get the take down.

Robertson lands some nice right elbows while on top on the ground, but Alcantara still trying to twist his body to put himself into good position for a choke. Robertson stays striking with the short elbows, and Alcantara is only able to block a few of them. Alcantara not doing the best job on defense from his back as Robertson keeps landing.

The round ends with Robertson landing a right hook on the mat.

Round 2: Alcantara comes right out and throws a huge high right kick, then comes back with a nice left one, trying to keep that distance using the reach advantage. Robertson goes for a take down, but to no avail this time.

Robertson lands a nice right hand with about three minutes left, but Alcantara gets right back to keeping his distance. Alcantara gets the clinch, but Robertson does a wonderful job of countering and getting Alcantara on the ground. Alcantara is able to get out and lands a nice knee on the way back up, but Robertson gets him right back down.

Robertson gets the mount and he starts landing with a flurry of lefts and rights, before trying to go for the Kimura. Robertson goes for a switch to the arm bar, but he can’t get it locked in. With the failed submission attempts, Robertson goes right back to the strikes, landing some big elbows as the round comes to a close.

Round 3: With two rounds in the bank already, Robertson comes out throwing. Going up against the cage, Robertson lands a knee to the groin and they’re separated. Robertson gets a warning.

They get back to it and start trading kicks, but on the move, Robertson lands a nice right hand to the jaw. Robertson then hits Alcantara with another knee to the groin and Alcantara hits the mat following this one. He gets told one more time, he’s getting docked.

After Alcantara recovers, they get right back at it and Robertson is doing a good job with the standing strikes. Alcantara does get a take down in, but he’s not in good position for anything viable. Robertson turns it right around on him, because of that, and now time is running out on Alcantara.

With 15 seconds in the round, the ref stands them up, but Alcantara ran out of time.

To the cards we go, although this one was rather obvious.

Winner: Kenny Robertson via unanimous decision (30-26)

Urijah Faber vs. Alex Caceres 

Round 1: After trading some feeling-out blows, Faber immediately goes for the take down but Caceres fights out tremendously. Faber eventually gets him up against the cage. They come back to the center of the octagon, but Faber gets him right back to the cage and then is able to get Caceres to the mat.

Faber hits a few right hands to the body, then comes with the overhand right to the head. The California Kid doing a great job of keeping Caceres on the ground and pounding away as the round comes to a close.

Round 2: Right out in this round, Faber hits a right and lands another take down on Caceres, getting him right back on the mat. Caceres tries for a triangle, but that is not going to work. To his credit, he does get out.

Back on their feet, Caceres hits a beautiful combination on Faber, ending with a stiff left hand to the jaw. Faber regroups himself and is able to get a waist lock up against the cage, but he’s turned around by Caceres who gets him against the fence and lands a knee.

But again, Faber gets him on the ground, his fourth take down of the fight, however Caceres gets up from this one quickly. They lock up near the fence again and Faber lands a beautiful hip toss on Caceres.

Round two ends with Faber and Caceres tangled up against the fence.

Round 3: After some back and forth, Faber catches the leg of Caceres, takes him right down to the mat and locks him into the rear naked choke submission for the win.

Winner: Urijah Faber via submission


 Marcus Brimage vs. Russell Doane (Bantamweight)

Round 1: Both men come out and feel each other out in the center of the octagon, until Brimage lands a nice inside leg kick. Not long after that, Doane catches Brimage with a nice take down. Doane looks to slide the arm under for a choke, but he can’t get it. Doane maintains control and rolls over to his back where he tries to get the hook, but Brimage does a nice job of blocking it.

Brimage tries to spin back to his feet, but Doane catches him with the choke again and brings him right back down. Doane is looking to finish this early, but again, Brimage doing a fantastic job of preventing that.

Brimage uses incredible explosion to get right back to his feet and get back to a standing fight as he goes for a few leg sweep attempts. He lands a nice left hand, followed up by a nice front kick as the round comes to a close.

Round 2: Doane immediately starts the round looking to land a front kick, and Brimage answers back with one of his own. Brimage continues to attack the inside of the lower leg, and he eventually catches Doane with a right hook and gets him to the mat. They quickly get back up.

Back on their feet, Brimage catches with another inside leg kick, and this one knocks down Doane, who is now limping from the strikes. He is able to rebound, though, and get Brimage to the canvas, but that doesn’t last long as Brimage gets right back up and gets free.

Doane gets Brimage up against the fence and lands some knees, and Brimage counters with some strikes to the side. Doane having a hard time getting the take down that he wants.

Round two comes to a close with Brimage landing another kick to the lower leg.

Round 3: Both men come out throwing straight jabs until Doane goes for a front kick but Brimage takes him right down. They quickly get back to their feet and Brimage goes right back to work with the lower leg kicks, of which he connects two more to the same spot in the left leg he’s targeted all fight.

Doane looks for the guillotine submission, but Brimage gets right out of it. They stand back up and battle back and forth right to the finish, but Brimage looked tremendous in his bantamweight debut, but he couldn’t get the win.

Winner: Russell Doane via split decision

BREAKING NEWS: Stefan Struve vs. Mattrione called off

Uriah Hall vs. Thiago Santos (Middleweight)

Round 1: Hall comes out and throws a combination that Silva tries to answer with a spinning back kick. Both then trade lower leg kicks, Hall then lands a nice spinning back fist. Santos follows that up with a nice inside leg kick, followed by yet another.

Hall comes back from the leg kicks with a nice left jab to the jaw of Santos, but he keeps getting hit with those inside leg kicks, which could be setting up something high eventually from the Muay Thai expert Santos.

Finally, Hall catches one of the kicks and gets Santos to the ground, but Santos pops immediately back up. Back on their feet, they simultaneously throw jabs, and it’s Hall’s that lands to the face of Santos.

Santos then answers with a left hook, but Hall starts landing right jabs to the face that Santos can’t seem to stop. Hall now just taunting Santos with his hands down.

The round comes to a close and that was definitely all Hall.

Round 2: The two come out in Round two and start trading overhand blows again, but neither are able to connect. Hall does end up landing a long jab, followed up but an inside kick to the lower leg.

Santos hits an inside kick followed up by a nice left hook, but Hall shakes him off immediately. Hall catches one of the Santos kicks again and takes him right down, but much like the first round, Santos pops right back up.

The two finish the round trading blows.

Round 3: The doctor talked to Hall before the round again, and he insisted he was fine and ready for the final five minutes of action.

Both men trading punch and spinning kick combinations. With three minutes to go in the round, Hall lands a beautiful overhand right to Santos. Hall lands a few more jabs, but they don’t seem to phase Santos all that much, so Hall then hits him with a nice spinning back kick which definitely got his attention.

Hall goes for a right hand and Santos catches him, but he can’t get him to the mat, only up against the cage. He starts with the knees to the hamstrings with 30 seconds left to go in the round.

With 15 seconds left, Santos gets on top of Hall and is able to land an elbow before the horn.

We go to the cards.

Winner: Uriah Hall via unanimous decision (29-28 x 2, 30-27)

Ronda Rousey vs. Alexis Davis (Women’s Bantamweight Championship)

Round 1: Both come right out jabbing, and before you know it, Rousey tosses Davis to the mat, starts pounding on the head and it’s all over.

Winner: Ronda Rousey via KO

That was absolutely amazing. Rousey came into the octagon with a look as if she wanted to do some damage, and that’s exactly what she did. With all the questions lately regarding whether or not she’s focused, this was a huge statement made by the champion tonight in this one.

What was also interesting was the way she won. When Rousey fights, everyone wants to see the submission expertise of Rousey at work, but not tonight. Tonight we saw a vicious side of Rousey that showed off just how versatile she is in the octagon.

Davis lasted a mere 16 seconds in this one, and considering the extra shots Rousey landed after she got the take down, that was a miracle in itself.

Now, Rousey improves to 10-0 in her career and is still the undisputed women’s bantamweight champion of the world.

Following the fight, we were informed that the 16 second knockout was the second fastest in the history of the UFC, so we were able to see history made tonight by the rowdy one.

Chris Weidman vs. Lyoto Machida (Middleweight Championship)

Round 1: Both men come out feeling one another out, and Weidman opens up with two kicks. Weidman tries a few times to charge in on Machida, which could be dangerous. Machida goes for the kick with the left leg, but Weidman catches it and takes him down for a split second.

Weidman gets right back to work and lands a nice kick to the lower leg, followed by a left jab to the chin of Machida. He’s definitely keeping the pressure on Machida throughout this first round. Weidman goes for the lower leg kick again, but Machida counters with a left to the jaw.

Machida definitely looks rattled by the pressure from Weidman, just as Silva was. In the final seconds of the round, Weidman goes for a huge right hand and Machida was just able to get out of the way.

Round 2: Machida comes right out and hits the inside leg kick. Weidman just keeps attacking on the offensive, throwing Machida off his rhythm. Machida finally comes back again with a nice kick to the lower leg. The more they stand, the more Machida is getting comfortable.

Lyoto lands a nice left hand over the top with about a minute left in the round, but Weidman counters that with a take down against the fence. Weidman starts to pound Machida up against the cage. He gets him in a front face lock and lands a few knees to end the second round.

Round 3: Weidman comes out and lands a jab early, then tries to go for the take down. but Machida gets away. With about three minutes to go, Weidman gets the take down, but he can’t get any offense going while on top. Machida is able to power his way out.

After they’re back to their feet, Weidman lands a nice combination to the face, and Machida is cut. He starts landing a few more punches, Machida counters with a knee to the body, but is quickly taken down my Weidman.

With 45 seconds to go in the round, Weidman has control on the ground and starts pounding away, but Machida is able to get away, despite being a bloody mess at this point.

Round 4: Machida, all cleaned up now, lands two left kicks to the body of Weidman shortly after the round gets underway, and Weidman answers with a knee of his own. Out of nowhere, Machida lands a nice, clean left hook to Weidman that rattles him a bit and then he catches him once more, backing the champ up.

Lyoto tags hims a few more time and Weidman goes on the defensive. He now starts landing more of the kicks to the body, followed up by another left hand to the face. He definitely has Weidman guessing now.

Machida finishes the round in tremendous fashion with one more kick to the body and a huge left to the jaw.

Round 5: Right out to start things off, Machida comes with the kicks and rattles Weidman. He comes with the punches again, controlling the center of the octagon. He lands another huge left hand over the top with about three minutes left. Then, he gets Weidman up against the cages and lands a few more shots.

Weidman comes back with a huge right hand. After a missed kick by Machida, the two trade blows in the center once again. They tangle up again and Weidman lands a huge elbow to Lyoto that busts him up some more.

After some more trading, Weidman gets the take down with under two minutes left to try and preserve the win.

With 30 seconds left, Machida gets up and starts throwing. He gets Weidman up against the cage and starts firing away, but time runs out.

Simply amazing title fight, and now we go to the cards.

Winner: Chris Weidman via unanimous decision


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