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The FanSided Network is the fastest-growing independent sports network on the net. Our network is not only a prime destination for some of the web’s best fan-driven sports content but we also feature some unique opportunities for those looking to get their start in the online sports media industry.

FanSided editors are given full editorial control of their very own team sites. They’re eligible for our competitive revenue sharing program and a myriad of other perks. Whether you are looking to make a little extra money covering your favorite teams or you want a career in sports, FanSided is where you want to be.

Below is a list of our current editor openings. If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of one of the most exciting, young companies in the industry, get your application in now!

We aren’t just looking for benchwarmers. FanSided editors need to be franchise players. Building the best damn sports blog on the net isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes guts, determination and most of all, passion.

Do you have what it takes? Apply Now! is the hub for the entire network. It’s our home. It’s an excellent opportunity for smart writers with wide-ranging sports interests to help us keep on top of all major stories coming out of the sports world. News Desk writers need to be able to work at a quick pace while producing error free content on the fly on most any topic.

News Desk shifts typically consist of four hour blocks in which each writers is expected to contribute 12+ posts during their shift. Writers should be available to work at least two shifts each week as needed.

Entertainment & Lifestyle

Sports have always been the backbone of the FanSided Network, but we continue to expand into the areas of entertainment and lifestyle. Such expansion has opened up a new world of potential opportunities for writers to establish a voice and find a following here with FanSided. Initially these Staff Writer positions will be unpaid roles, but there will be additional paid opportunities as these sites continue to grow.

Our entertainment sites include:

In addition to having Staff Writer vacancies at each of these sites, we are also looking for News Desk writers for our television site, Hidden Remote. News Desk writers will need to have a wide range of interests and the ability to produce largely error free copy at a quick pace. These positions will typically involve a four-hour shift at a predetermined time throughout the week to cover breaking news and the like.

FanSided College 

Collegiate sports are the home to some of the loudest and most passionate fans across the sporting world. Have a passion for your alma mater’s athletic program? How about just an affinity for a certain school’s teams even if you didn’t go there? There are numerous opportunities to run a site here within FSNCAA and reach other fans as opinionated as you:

FanSided MLB

Can’t get enough baseball? Looking for a chance to start covering the game? There are opportunities across all 33 of our MLB sites for those interested in sharing their passion for the game or merely continue writing about it as a hobby. Additional opportunities are available for those looking to help run their own MLB site under the FanSided umbrella:

FanSided NFL

  • Titan Sized – Tennessee Titans (co-editor)
  • 12th Man Rising – Seattle Seahawks (co-editor)
  • Buffalowdown – Buffalo Bills (co-editor)
  • Naptown’s Finest – Indianapolis Colts (co-editor)
  • Toro Times – Houston Texans
  • We’re always open to adding staff writers to our other team sites as well.

FanSided NHL

FanSided NBA

FanSided Local

Our Local sites offer a different type of challenge, as they don’t simply cover one team in one sport year round. Our Local sites offer the chance to get fully encompassed in your city’s sports scene – covering everything from the professionals to the amateurs and all that falls inbetween. Current editor openings include:

  • Miami
  • Oklahoma
  • Alberta
  • Vancouver
  • Ottawa

FanSided Soccer

Other FanSided Openings

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