UFC 193: Holly Holm ready for greatness

There is something about a high-pressure environment that brings the best out of Holly Holm.

The 34-year-old New Mexico native discovered her knack to shine when the stakes were up during her 13 years winning titles across multiple weight classes inside the boxing ring, and those experiences laid the foundation for the monumental moment in her athletic career that is rapidly approaching on the horizon. “The Preacher’s Daughter” will step into the Octagon this Saturday night at UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia and attempt to do what no other female has come remotely close to accomplishing and that is to knock women’s MMA sensation Ronda Rousey off her throne.

“I’m looking forward to living in this moment and making the most of it.”

The UFC women’s bantamweight champion has been an unstoppable force during her time atop the women’s 135-pound collective as she’s drubbed and dispatched every opponent who has stood across from her under the bright lights. Rousey’s dominance and bulletproof persona have combined to launch her into the stratosphere of stardom, and her elevated visibility serves to amplify the attention surrounding her each and every time she fights.

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For the bout against Holm in Melbourne the UFC made its most ambitious move to date as it booked Etihad Stadium and is figuring to sell out every one of the 70,000 seats available. There is simply no shortage of promotional muscle when Rousey is involved, and the dynamics of that reality have come as no surprise to Holm. The Jackson/Winkeljohn representative is fully aware of her underdog status coming into Saturday night’s title matchup, and it’s a role she’s embraced throughout.

“My past experiences have helped me deal with the situation at hand,” Holm said. “This fight is a big deal and it’s highly anticipated with a lot of attention surrounding it. There is a lot of expectation surrounding it as well. I feel like there have been a lot of things along the way in my career that have helped me prepare for this type of fight and this moment, but it’s still going to be its own experience. It will be one like no other and I’m looking forward to living in this moment and making the most of it.”

The roller coaster ride of media obligations and promotional appearances required of her in the lead up to her showdown with Rousey at UFC 193 have all played a part in creating the big fight feel fans go crazy for. And while Holm has been more than willing to concede the lion’s share of the limelight to Rousey, one compromise she isn’t willing to make involves her ultimate objective to become a UFC champion.

Holm is willing to do whatever it takes to make that dream a reality, and she’s more than happy to play the role of spoiler this weekend in Australia.

“I feel I’ve been destined for greatness for my entire life”

“I feel I’ve been destined for greatness for my entire life no matter what my dreams may be,” Holm said. “I always feel I’m on a mission towards something and this is what I’ve been shooting for. This is what I want and this is what I love. Yeah, it’s been stressful and there are a lot of emotions with it, but I’m really living my life and experiencing things most people could never imagine. I’m really thankful for this opportunity and everyone that comes after because this is what I’ve been working so hard for.”

Although Holm will square off with Rousey for the first time at UFC 193, the battle of the two undefeated bantamweights is something that has been on fight fans’ radar for quite some time. Even before the former boxing champion turned mixed martial artist had officially signed with the UFC, talking heads throughout the sport deemed her to be a threat to Rousey’s championship strap. The buzz surrounding a potential collision between the two increased with each respective showing inside the Octagon, and their headlining bout at UFC 193 will mark the culmination of a fight years in the making.

While Holm is eager to throw down with the former Olympian, she’s quick to admit the overall journey came with certain stresses intact. Granted, she is excited to finally be facing the pound-for-pound phenom, but the shadow Rousey cast during her initial bouts under the UFC banner added unnecessary weight to situations that had nothing to do with the current champion.

Nevertheless the time has arrived for Holm and Rousey to handle their business, and the Albuquerque native is excited the fight is finally here. Furthermore, Holm is ready to make another one of her championship dreams come to fruition.

“I want greatness so bad I can taste it”

“People have asked me how I felt when I got the call for this fight and to be honest, the first thing I thought to myself was, ‘Finally! Let’s do this,” Holm said. “People have been talking about this fight before I came to the UFC and have continued to talk about it regardless of who I’m fighting. Before my other fights, people were asking me about fighting Ronda even though I was about to fight someone else. The same thing happened when I signed my UFC contract so when the call for this fight came it was something I’d been ready to get for a long time.

“Who wants to come to the UFC and not fight for a title?” she added. “If you don’t want greatness then don’t be a part of this game. I want greatness so bad I can taste it. I’m going in there with every intention of getting the victory. Obviously no one can tell the future or predict what will happen in there, but I’m going to be ready for every situation that comes my way. This is exactly what I want and I’m determined to walk out of there with that belt.”

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