Michael Bisping would fight Daniel Cormier in a ‘heartbeat’

Not happy with Georges St-Pierre’s lack of movement toward their fight this summer, middleweight champion Michael Bisping looks elsewhere for big-money fights.

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping is supposed to face Georges St-Pierre sometime this year. This matchup would be epic, given Bisping’s position as the unassuming champion and St-Pierre’s greatest-of-all-time status.

However, St-Pierre has not signed on for this fight yet, despite the massive amount of money this bout would generate. Bisping represents one of those “anytime, anywhere” fighters. At UFC 199, he accepted a last-minute fight on just 11 days’ notice against then-middleweight champion Luke Rockhold and secured the belt in a stunning first-round knockout. In that, the champion recently criticized St-Pierre on his lack of action in realizing their fight. On his podcast, Believe You Me (h/t MMA Fighting), Bisping stated:

“…I want to fight at International Fight Week, July 8. So, Georges St-Pierre, get it together. Stop doing your f**king gymnastics… Come on, sign the paperwork. You sat there at the press conference. You talked big. You sounded confident, so sign the God d**n paperwork. It’s as simple as that.”

While waiting for the French-Canadian, there are championship contenders in Yoel Romero and Jacare Souza, but Bisping knows that there is an astronomical amount of money to be made in a fight against St-Pierre. In his recent column via Champions.co, Bisping talked money and his would-be opponent.

“I’m the world champion, and I’ve got plenty of other challengers I can take on. I’m excited to fight Georges (St-Pierre) because he’s big business and will no doubt provide a great challenge for me, but at the end of the day, the sport and the world will continue without the great Georges St-Pierre…”

With respect to big business fights, Bisping expressed excitement regarding a bout with the light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier.

“I’d love to face #DanielCormier, and I think I’d do very well against him, to be honest… If they offered me a fight with DC, or he wanted to call me out, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Of course, I would.”

Perhaps a longshot, but if Cormier successfully defends his title this weekend against Anthony Johnson and if St-Pierre does not agree to a summer fight, if petitioned well, Bisping could secure a big-money fight against the light heavyweight champion and take home two belts in the process.