Cory Sandhagen talks Iuri Alcântara fight, drop to bantamweight and training with Justin Gaethje

UFC bantamweight Cory Sandhagen looks to make it four straight victories inside the Octagon when he battles Iuri Alcantara at UFC Lincoln.

Cory Sandhagen (8-1) spoke to FanSided MMA ahead of his bantamweight matchup against Iuri Alcantara (36-9) at UFC Lincoln on Aug. 25

UFC Debut Win Over Austin Arnett At UFC on FOX 27 

“Obviously there [were] things I need to work on after watching that fight. I got a little complacent at times.  I knew he wasn’t going to hit me because he was a little too slow, his shots were a little too simple. It went how it went. Mentally I went in like the mental monster that I’m working on becoming, I don’t know that it could have gone too much better than that.

Dropping Down To Bantamweight For This Fight 

“I was just walking too light at 145-pounds. For me I think to reach the highest level in the UFC, which is winning that belt, I think 135-pounds is a lot more realistic. To be honest at 145-pounds I was waking up on weight. I wasn’t sweating for that fight. I would just diet down and drink a lot of water. I don’t think that will fly for the UFC.

Me just losing 10-more-pounds is pretty easy. It’s been way easier than it was before. I’m walking a lot lighter, my body has changed. The cut has been stress free which is what I was the most nervous about. It’s good, 135-pounds is where I’m going to stay and I’m pumped about it. I’m very confident that I’m going to make the weight.”

Matchup against Iuri Alcantara 

“I’m pretty pumped about it. Honestly I didn’t watch Iuri until this morning. I don’t like watching guys until 2-3 weeks before because the opponent changes all the time anyways. I don’t want to program too much of just one guy and then have the opponent switch. This morning when I was watching him, I kind of like his style.

“He seems a little goofy, really relaxed. As far as him as a fighter I think he’s going to be too slow to hit me. I’m going to have to keep my guard up the whole time. I’m not going to be able to slack and get complacent like I did against Arnett. I see it being a really good fight, mostly standup.”

Training Camp 

“It’s been smooth. I found out about the fight pretty early. Usually like with LFA I usually found out five-six weeks before. This time I had a full eight weeks which was pretty nice. Usually I don’t do a eight-week camp. I knew it was going to be a little tedious so I took a trip out to San Diego for a week just to do something new. I stayed with a buddy out there, kind of hung out on the beach and then did some training later in the day. Training with different guys, so that made it easy. We have a really solid team (in Colorado at Elevation Fight Team).

We have a solid wrestlers, good strikers, everyone moves. Me and [Drew] Dober have been training a bit together, he a fights a bit like Iuri too. It’s been a while since I fought a southpaw. Most of the team is going to make the trip. [Justin] Gaethje is on the card too and has been training with us. We’ve been getting train with some new people, which has been great.”


“I see me moving a lot. Like II see me just fighting my style how I always fight. Iuri is going to be a hard guy to target. A lot of his motions are big and unpredictable. Finding a home for the punches is going to be tough. I don’t see it going all three-rounds, I really think I’m going to pick him apart.  I’ve seen him get tired in fights and I have a pace that can go, go, go.”