Jorge Masvidal on rematch with Nate Diaz: ‘You pick the date, you pick the city, and I’ll show up there and kick your a– again’

Jorge Masvidal talks with FanSided about the possibility of a rematch with his last opponent Nate Diaz.

Jorge Masvidal was recently crowned the “Baddest Mother F-er” with his UFC 244 win over Nate Diaz. The fight was called off due to a cut above the eye of Nate Diaz. Since the fight was ended prematurely, both men are willing to run it back, something the fans would very much like to see. Immediately after the fight, both fighters were respectful to each other but since then, Diaz has been more vocal with his call outs. Masvidal spoke to FanSided about these comments and the possibility of a rematch.

“Some of the comments he made after don’t sit well with me man,” Masvidal said. “He knows what he’s doing, he’s trying to bait me in for a rematch. There’s no reason for him to say that because it doesn’t matter who I fight next or whatever. When he gets his face reconstruction or he gets whatever it is he’s getting done and he agrees on the next paycheck, we’re going to f–king do it again.

Diaz was down on the scoreboards when the fight was stopped and has expressed that he believed Masvidal was about to quit. Masvidal has his own thoughts on that.

“I don’t see how he can possibly say I was quitting at some point, or this is when he thought he was going to quit,” Masvidal explained. “That’s a hard sell my brother, who are you trying to sell that to? Not even casuals will purchase that s–t. If you know me you know that my nickname alone dictates that I’m not going to back away from pain or fatigue I’m just going to keep fighting.”

It seems that a rematch between these two is inevitable. That fans want it, and both fighters want it.

“What are we talking about? A fight? Let’s do it. Don’t invite me to an email party or a baby shower, that’s the type of s–t you keep to yourself. Are you talking about a fight? I’ll f–k you up again man. I have nothing nice to say about the individual right now so I’m not going to say too much about Nate, just when the time comes just sign the f–king contract. Tell me how long you need for your knee to be right so you can run 38 miles every day and all that stuff. You pick the date, you pick the city, let the company inform me, and I’ll show up there and kick your a– again.”

At this time Masvidal stated he has some injuries to heal up and then he welcomes this fight or any other. For more from this interview check out FanSided.com.

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