Kayla Harrison reacts to ‘anti-sex’ beds at Tokyo Olympics (Video)

Kayla Harrison wasn’t sure what to make of the beds that are reportedly made to discourage sexual activity for Olympians at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Before she was dominating the women’s lightweight scene in the Professional Fighters League (PFL) and becoming the champion of the division in 2019, Kayla Harrison excelled as a judoka, becoming a two-time gold medalist in judo at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games.

While she may not be competing as an Olympian anymore, Harrison, who has friends competing at the ongoing Olympics in Tokyo, is still keeping an eye on the events that unfold.

The current Olympic Games in Tokyo — delayed a year thanks to the COVID pandemic — has been shrouded in controversy and criticism. These stem from matters such as the number of cases in Japan (and athletes testing positive for COVID before the Olympics began) to opening ceremony staff being fired or resigning in disgrace.

But a subject that perhaps got plenty of people talking and laughing at this year’s Olympics is the reports that athletes are sleeping on beds made of cardboard, designed to prevent intimacy — and the spread of COVID.

PFL’s Kayla Harrison left shocked, amused about reported ‘anti-sex’ beds at Olympic Games in Tokyo

Harrison, with some bewilderment, admitted she had no idea about the beds. While she didn’t sleep on cardboard beds during her Olympic days, she did have experience with cardboard furniture for environmental purposes while in the Olympic Village.

“So, in London [in 2012], they had cardboard chairs and tables and stuff in the cafeteria, but it was to help the earth; not to stop the spread [of COVID],” Harrison told FanSided’s Amy Kaplan in Florida during the PFL press junket.

USA Today has recently made its own “fact check” report, claiming that the beds are not cardboard to prevent sexual activity among athletes, but rather as a sustainability measure.

A popular 2012 piece by ESPN spilled details on the culture and lifestyle that goes on inside the Olympic Village — namely tons of partying and tons of sex.

When asked about what goes on in the Olympic Village, Harrison said she noticed plenty of condoms but was too focused on her competition to pay any attention to the Village festivities.

“They would pass out condoms and stuff,” Harrison said. “There would be condoms in a bowl in your house at the Olympic Village. But, I was pretty focused, so I kind of ignored all that craziness.”

Harrison is looking for her second consecutive PFL women’s lightweight title. Her semifinal bout will come on Aug. 19 at PFL 8, where she’ll take on Genah Fabian.

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