UFC 269: Tai Tuivasa reveals had an altercation with venue staff after his bout

Tai Tuivasa told the media during his post-fight conference that he was stopped from doing additional shoeys by venue staff.

After a dazzling knockout victory over Augusto Sakai, Tai Tuivasa was completely embraced by an exhilarated Las Vegas crowd. A man of the people, Tuivasa wanted to spend time after his fight signing autographs, taking pictures, and, like normal people do, drinking beers out of strangers’ shoes.

However, during his post-fight conference, Tuivasa revealed that he was not able to do that after his UFC 269 bout.

“Look, this is a touchy subject tonight,” Tuivasa started when asked how many shoeys he drank. “I got pushed out of there pretty fast and had a bit of an altercation with one of the officials.” He was later asked to expand, “I understand he is doing his job, but he wasn’t a UFC worker or anything, I don’t know what he was. He just pushed me out of the arena. My fans come to watch me knock people out and do f***ing shoeys and I felt he was pushing me out of there and telling me how to do my job.”

Tai Tuivasa will have plenty more opportunities to fight, knock people out, and drink shoeys

With his fourth straight victory and a victory over the No. 11 rankied heavyweight, Tuivasa is bound to be ranked after this bout. With that position, the Australian fighter will get bigger fights, bigger opportunities, and more opportunities to wow the fans. With an already huge fan base, this will likely result in more cheers and more people asking Tuivasa to drink a beer out of their shoes.

The heavyweight division is extremely top-heavy, so he may not be in title contention in 2022, but if he can have another great year as he did in 2021, he will be in a position to become champion in 2023.