Amanda Serrano

Boxer Amanda Serrano has stamped her way into the record books in a big way. Serrano took a stand against sexism in boxing when she vacated her WBC belt to protest the inequalities between the ruleset in men’s and women’s boxing. Before Serrano’s protest, women were only sanctioned to fight 10 rounds or fewer with rounds lasting only two minutes. Men, on the other hand, are allowed up to 12 rounds at three minutes each. This didn’t sit well with Serrano. Over the years she campaigned to be allowed to fight the same way men have for years and in October 2023, it finally happened. Serrano fought Danila Ramos in the first unified women’s championship fight contested over 12 three-minute rounds in boxing history. She won via unanimous decision.
- Amy Kaplan
FanSided MMA Editor

How they're making a difference in equity and inclusion

“I really enjoyed the three minutes,” Serrano said after the fight (h/t The Athletic). “I was able to set up a little more of my punches, and I think I’m going to continue with the three minutes. I know the women out there, they saw that it’s possible, that we can do it. And me and Danila, we showed that we’re capable. There’s going to be a lot of women out there that are going to say, ‘Yes, they did it. Now I can do it.’” Because of Serrano female boxers will now have the chance to fight the same way their male counterparts do. She opened the door for women in her sport through years of hard work in and out of the ring.

Why you should be paying attention next year

Serrano isn’t just a boxer, she’s signed a contract to compete in MMA under the Professional Fighters League banner in 2024. Her debut hasn’t been announced yet, but if her time in the PFL is anything like her first foray into MMA, she’ll be successful there too.