In 2023, Beyoncé embarked on her Renaissance tour to celebrate her seventh studio album. There, we got to see just how innovative her mind is, as she had a hand in every single aspect of the tour. From the distinct stage design to the transitions of the songs to the outfits of the crew, Beyoncé showed how involved she was in the creative process, which further exemplifies just how hard she works, not just as an artist but as a pacesetter.
- Diana Nosa
FanSided Entertainment Staff Writer

What we’ll remember a decade from now

Aside from being some of the most passionate individuals ever, Beyoncé’s fandom, the Beyhive, should be remembered as one of the most resilient, unique, and creative people to walk this earth. The Beyhive is resilient because no matter how many times the world tries to box them into categories or tell them who they are or how they should act, they stay true to their authentic selves every single time. The Beyhive is unique. They are loud and proud, not allowing themselves to succumb to the norm, even if others deem it the proper way to live. The fans would rather be judged harshly by the world than not show up as their bold and beautiful selves because they know they only lose when they listen to what the haters say. The Beyhive is exceptionally creative. Between the outfits they wore to the Renaissance tour to the way they can analyze Beyoncé’s every artistic move to predict what’s next, there’s no denying that this fandom knows how to think outside the box. Don’t be surprised if someone from the Beyhive becomes the next big fashion designer or musician because, from our standpoint, every fan has one or two creative tricks up their sleeve!

How they're making a difference in equity and inclusion

In July 2023, a young Black gay man named O’Shea Sibley had his life stolen from him just hours after attending Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour. “They murdered him because he was gay,” Sibley’s friend expressed. “Because he stood up for his friends.” Whereas some artists would turn a blind eye, Beyoncé used her platform — which features millions upon millions of fans — to pay tribute to Sibley. Her love and support moved mountains and is what led to hundreds of fellow LGBTQIA+ members coming together to celebrate the life of Sibley and others who also lost their lives to senseless hate crimes.