Carissa Moore

There are only a few women in the world who can take to the water with as much power and grace as former World champion Carissa Moore. She is among the very best competition surfers in the world — a multiple-time World Surf League event winner and Olympic gold medalist. Despite still being at the top of her sport, Moore is stepping away from the tour to pursue some of her other passions and help the next generation of female surfers. Moore announced her decision to take time away from the WSL Championship Tour and will put her focus on her nonprofit organization called Moore Aloha, and to prepare for the 2024 Summer Olympics Games.
- Nicole Bosco
FanSided Contributor

How they're making a difference in equity and inclusion

Moore has been in the public eye for over 10 years, scoring the biggest or best waves at WSL locations all over the world. However this year fans should be following Moore closely for her efforts outside of the water. Moore Aloha will be holding around five events this year around the world. The purpose of these events is “to share valuable tools and resources to help girls and women navigate the waves of mental health, wellness, and womanhood and create a life of passion, purpose, and positivity.” Moore and her organization do this through mentorship, essay contests, scholarships, and surf events. In addition to all the help she will provide for the next generation, Moore is releasing a book celebrating the Hawaiian surf culture and surfers.

What we’ll remember a decade from now

It seems that Moore’s days in a WSL jersey are numbered as she looks to enjoy her passions and family, but 10 years from now, she will remembered as one of the best ever to do it. For the past five years, Moore has come into the final event of the season in first place. She dominated the entire surf season on multiple occasions and was often a staple in that yellow leader jersey. With her five world titles and Olympic gold medal on her mantle, Moore has nothing left to prove. As she looks to go out on a champion at Banzai Pipeline this winter, she is already on top in the eyes of surf fans and the young girls she is committed to inspiring.