Emma Stone

Since we first got to know Emma Stone in her breakout roles in Superbad and Easy A, she has enjoyed one of the most impressive careers in modern movie stardom. From superhero blockbusters to indie arthouse fare and the odd rom-com in between, she’s able to shapeshift genres as a storyteller, knowing that whatever she does, we will watch. Stone’s most recent performances in the film Poor Things and the television series The Curse showcase not just an actress but an artist unafraid to push back against the boundaries Hollywood usually starts setting up for women of her age and stature. To do what you want while doing what you love, is simply inspiring.
- Reed Gaudens
Netflix Life Editor

What they accomplished this year

In the past year, Emma Stone landed her fourth and fifth Academy Award nominations for her performance in Poor Things and her work as a producer on the film. She’s only the second woman to be nominated for both Best Actress and Best Picture for the same movie after Frances McDormand, who won both awards for Nomadland in 2021. Stone became only the second woman to match an achievement that was made just three years ago. Isn't that incredible? If she wins Best Actress for Poor Things, she would take home her second Oscar in the category after her 2017 win for La La Land and become the 13th woman to win Best Actress twice.

Why you should be paying attention to this person in 2024

Within the film world, there are so many powerful and important women whose voices we should be listening to and whose perspectives are vital. Emma Stone is among that group of women right now who are making art that’s subversive and will stand the test of time. She’s electric onscreen as an actress, we know this, but she’s also furthering her influence as a producer. With three films slated for release in 2024, more acting roles on the horizon, and some potential Oscar history in the making, Stone’s lasting impact seems to just be getting started.