Kayleigh Williamson

Kayleigh Williamson is a runner, and an incredibly accomplished one. She also happens to have Down syndrome. In 2017, she became the first person with Down syndrome to finish the Austin Marathon and this year she completed the New York Marathon, one of the first women with Down syndrome to accomplish the feat. She is conquering her own challenges, making a mark in her sport and inspiring countless others along the way.
- Ian Levy
Creative Editorial Director

How they're making a difference in equity and inclusion

Kayleigh is making a powerful statement for diversity, equity and inclusion, simply by showing up and running. She finished the New York City Marathon, running the same course in the same conditions as every other runner, traveling the same 26.2 miles. Kayleigh is also representing Adidas' Runner 321 program which aims to “ensure neurodivergent people’s representation in mainstream sport” by encouraging every marathon to hold bib No. 321 for a neurodivergent athlete.

Why you should be paying attention next year

Kayleigh is working on competing in all six of the World Marathon Majors — Boston, Chicago, New York, London, Tokyo and Berlin. She's already ticked off Boston and New York and could add another one or two this year. Oh, and in between races she's competing in swimming and powerlifting competitions for Special Olympics.