2022 Pro Bowl Updated Prediction and Odds (What Bettors Need to Know)

A general overall view of Allegiant Stadium, the site of the 2022 Pro Bowl.
A general overall view of Allegiant Stadium, the site of the 2022 Pro Bowl. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Pro Bowl isn’t really much of a football game. We trot out the fan-voted all-stars, defense appears to be optional, and these players typically make plenty of business decisions. If you’re looking for a competitive game, this isn’t for you. The common belief in any kind of All Star game would be to expect plenty of points, but I’m not convinced we’ll see it this year.

The line continues to move towards more points

Let me start off by saying that betting an All Star game of any kind isn’t the wisest financial decision, but if you’re looking to have some fun, then go right ahead.

Currently on WynnBET, the line for the Pro Bowl has moved up to 64.5 points. In 2020, the last time the Pro Bowl was played, the two teams combined for 71 points. It was the highest scoring Pro Bowl since 2015, which saw the two sides total 76. With a return to action for the first time in two years, there’s a belief that the two sides will want to put on an offense-driven show. 

The trends point to a lower score

One thing to consider in this game — there is a rule change in the Pro Bowl which will speed up the rate of play. In a regular NFL game, the clock is stopped after an incompletion and doesn’t start again until the following snap. Today, the clock will run on the referee’s signal following an incompletion, meaning that we will see more time tick off the clock.

Prior to the 2020 game, the total hadn’t exceeded 47 points in three straight years. We used to see monster scores like the 2012 Pro Bowl which saw the NFC beat the AFC 62-35, but it seems less and less likely that those types of games are commonplace going forward. 

Also of note: Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady have been replaced with Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins. The production from the NFC side of the ball could be lower than previously expected. With rules pointing to a faster clock, and with a recent trend of low scores prior to the 2020 game, I’d expect the under to hit.

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