2022 World Cup Power Rankings Based on Opening Odds

Argentina v Venezuela - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Qualifier
Argentina v Venezuela - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Qualifier / Marcelo Endelli/GettyImages

All 32 countries have been announced for this year's World Cup, finalizing all the groups.

With the announcement, WynnBET released the odds for the tournament. While the odds paint one picture, the way things actually play out is often different.

With each team in a specific group that will affect their outcome in the group stage, here is how I rank the teams in the field.

World Cup Team Power Rankings

1. Brazil +450

Brazil has made the World Cup quarterfinals in three of the last four tournaments. They are the consistent power and deserve to be the favorite.

2. France +550

After a win in 2018 and a disappointing loss in the Euros last year, I don't know exactly what to make of the French. They do have one of the most talented players in the tournament, so that gives them an edge over the rest.

3. Spain +800

Spain was able to make the knockout stage in the 2018, avenging its poor 2014 stint. The Spanish are back where they want to be and will be expected to advance.

4. England +550

England has been knocking on the door of major tournament success for years now and this is its chance. After a heartbreaking loss in the Euros last year, this is a chance for England to avenge it all.

5. Germany +1100

Germany, although not the extreme powerhouse it's been in years past, is still one of the best teams in the world. With Spain in its group, finishing second isn't an indictment on its potential -- but it does have to advance.

6. Argentina +900

How many more times will we see Lionel Messi on the world stage? Argentina has a good roster and Messi, which is all you need to go far.

7. Netherlands

The Netherlands haven't been able to get back to the final since 2010, but it is in the easiest group this time around. It could cruise to the top spot and get the best matchup going into the knockout round.

8. Portugal +1200

Similar to Messi and Argentina, how much can we expect from Ronaldo and Portugal? He's clearly still a phenomenal talent, but the Portuguese will have to fight to advance.

9. Belgium +1200

Belgium is always a sneaky pick to make a run. The Belgians finished third in the last World Cup and made it to the quarterfinals in 2014. It wouldn't surprise me if the Belgians were still in it towards the end.

10. Uruguay +5000

Uruguay was a quarterfinal participant in 2018 and have a chance with a wide open group to make the same type of run in 2022.

11. Denmark +2800

Denmark should finish second in its group, with France winning the group. Denmark hasn't consistently made deep runs, but the group might favor them in November.

12. Croatia +5000

Croatia made an improbable run in 2018. It used a weaker group, two penalty shootout wins, and a goal in the 109th minute to get to the finals. I think Croatia takes a step back and has an early exit in the knockout stage.

13. Switzerland +8000

Switzerland is in the group with Brazil, so I'm not expecting anything spectacular from the Swiss. I think they'll make the knockout stage and be bounced in the first round.

14. Senegal +8000

Senegal dominated the qualifying stage, which is making me buy into the hype just a little bit. Now, it didn't have the best group. Yet, five wins is nothing to scoff at. It's in the easiest group of the tournament, so the second spot is Senegal's to grab.

15. Poland +12500

Poland has a chance to make the knockout stage for the first time for since 1986. Mexico will likely be its biggest competition, as Argentina is expected to win the group.

16. USA +10000

For the record, I like the USA, Mexico and Canada the same amount. The only reason why the Americans are up this high is because they have the easiest group of all the CONCACAF teams.

17. Mexico +15000

Mexico has a harder group than the US, but easier than Canada so I'll split the difference and put them in the middle.

18. Canada +15000

Once again, I really like Canada. I think it's the best team in CONCACAF right now. I just can't trust the Canadians because their group is the hardest.

19. Ecuador +15000

Ecuador is in arguably the weakest group, thanks to the presence of Qatar. If they can pull even with the Netherlands, I like them to advance.

20. Cameroon +20000

I like Cameroon a little more than Serbia just because it was extremely dominant in World Cup qualifying. If Cameroon's defense can hold up, it can be a dark horse to move on.

21. Serbia +15000

Serbia has yet to make the knockout stage in consecutive tournaments. However, if Brazil dominates the group, then Serbia can go toe-to-toe with Switzerland for the second spot.

22. Wales +15000

Wales shouldn't make it to knockout stage, but it's in a group with the United States, which means the unpredictable can work out in its favor.

23. Ghana +25000

Ghana is trying to get back to the group stage for the first time since 2010. It's group is wide open, so don't be surprised if Ghana advances.

24. Japan +25000

Japan has had on and off success, getting to the knockout stage every other appearance since 1998. While it has an extremely tough group, Japan has shown it can compete in spurts with the world's elite.

25. Australia +50000

Australia has failed to pass group stage for three consecutive World Cups. However, like Tunisia, they have an opportunity to steal the second spot with a good game against Denmark.

26. Tunisia +35000

Tunisia is in the perfect position for a Cinderella story. France should dominate the group, leaving a space for Tunisia to have one solid game against Denmark and advance to the knockout stage.

27. Iran +75000

Iran has consistently gotten stuck in the group stage throughout the years. If it can get a draw against either England or USA, then it will have a promising future.

28. Morocco +25000

Morocco has to go against the runner-up from last World Cup, Croatia, and Belgium in the group stage. Even the projected third-place team, Canada, will give them a run.

29. South Korea +25000

This is the 10th consecutive World Cup South Korea has qualified for. Despite its consistency a berth to the knockout round has alluded it for 12 years now.

30. Costa Rica +150000

Costa Rica is the last team from CONCACAF to make the World Cup. They went on an impressive run, but don't expect much.

31. Saudi Arabia +75000

Saudi Arabia is in a group with Argentina and Mexico. I would be absolutely stunned if it was able to make it out the Group.

32. Qatar +35000

Qatar is here because it is the host country. It's never qualified for the World Cup prior to this cycle and it will be a long time before it does again.