3 Defensive Players To Bet On For NFL MVP

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons.
Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons. / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

We all know the NFL MVP award is biased towards quarterbacks, but a few non-quarterbacks have made great cases in the past few seasons. While they haven’t won, the door for a non-quarterback to be the MVP seems to be opening again. 

Most of the players who’ve made recent cases have been offensive players. I want to take it one step further. Let’s look at three defensive players who can win MVP. These are inherently going to be longshot plays, but that doesn’t mean the possibility is out the conversation. 

All odds listed are via WynnBET.

Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys (+10000)

Parsons is in the best situation out of all of the defensive options on the board because of his role. The Cowboys have him all over the field and allow him to rush and play coverage, giving him every opportunity to make a play. Parsons was the clear Defensive Rookie of the Year and he can still get better. In a free role, Parsons’ next step could take him to the next level of the game. 

T.J. Watt, Pittsburgh Steelers (+10000)

Watt fights for the sack title every single season and is the leader of the Steelers’ defense. Pittsburgh has survived off of its defense for the last few seasons, and might need to again in 2022. If Watt leads the league in sacks again, while leading one of the best defenses in the league, the case makes itself. 

Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams (+10000)

Winning an MVP (Super Bowl or Regular season) is about the only thing Donald hasn’t done in his career. Donald’s numbers suffer every year because he’s double-teamed and triple-teamed every play. Yet, if there was a player who could fight through that and still get elite numbers, it’s Donald. If Bobby Wagner can make enough of a difference to somehow free up Donald, the MVP could be on its way to Los Angeles. 

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