3 Quarterbacks the Colts Can Acquire to Compete for a Super Bowl

New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston.
New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston. / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Carson Wentz experiment is now over in Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Colts traded Wentz to the Washington Commanders today, which leaves a gap at quarterback yet another year. 

Wentz was supposed to be in the best situation of his career last season, only needing to be slightly above average in order for the Colts to be a true Super Bowl contender. They ended up at 9-8. 

WynnBET currently has the Colts with +2500 odds to win the Super Bowl, and that’s without a quarterback. Let’s dive into who the Colts can sign to shorten their odds. 

3 Quarterbacks the Colts Should Sign To Replace Carson Wentz

  • Jameis Winston
  • Mitchell Trubisky
  • Marcus Mariota

Jameis Winston

Winston had his ups and downs last season, and his ACL injury isn’t something you’d like to see, but he has the most upside out of all the players on this list. Winston had the Saints at 5-2 with 14 touchdowns and 3 interceptions in 2021. That’s exactly the kind of production the Colts need. 

The AFC South is wide open, so Indy won’t even need MVP level play from Winston. What they will need is a quarterback who can push the ball down the field and Winston can certainly do that. 

Mitchell Trubisky

Trubisky’s image was revived this past season as a backup in Buffalo. Trubisky had a rough exit from Chicago, but that can be chalked up to Chicago’s instability as a whole. If Trubisky can be what the Colts thought Wentz would be last season, he will be just fine. 

All the Colts truly need is a quarterback who can give the ball to Jonathan Taylor and get out of the way. Hopefully, Trubisky has learned enough over the last year to help him now. 

Marcus Mariota

Mariota has been a backup in Las Vegas for the last two seasons and would be a good fit in Indianapolis. He’s still a dual threat quarterback and can add some variety to the Colts’ running game. Mariota’s arm will be the question, but after a season with Wentz, there isn’t much worse the Colts can do.