3 Trade Destinations for Julius Randle In 2022 Off-Season

New York Knicks
New York Knicks / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

The New York Knicks are sitting Julius Randle down for tomorrow’s game against the Orlando Magic, and will likely be out of the rotation for the rest of the season, according to reports. 

Randle hasn’t had the best season and will likely be on his way out of New York this offseason. He’s going to begin his 4-year/$117 million extension next season. With the writing on the wall and the money about to roll in, let’s look at teams who might trade for Randle.

Utah Jazz

The Jazz are at the top of this list because they seem set for a rebuild once they flame out of the playoffs. If they don’t want to tear everything down, they can trade Donovan Mitchell for Randle and picks and stay semi-relevant. 

Utah can still compete for the playoffs with Randle as their offensive engine, especially if Gobert stays and mans the defense. Free agents are never going to crave going to Utah, so this is a good way to get an All-star away from the draft.

Indiana Pacers

The Pacers were rumored to be in the trade market earlier this year and still have holes in their roster right now. With Domantas Sabonis gone, Randle can fill the void of a versatile power forward to pair with Domantas Sabonis. 

Indiana is also a place that will struggle to get free agents, so Randle will be a welcomed addition. 

Portland Trail Blazers

If the Blazers want to keep Damian Lillard happy, getting him some help should be on their to-do list. Julius Randle may not be the second star Lillard wanted, but it will help take some of the load off of his shoulders. 

Portland should be concerned with getting to the playoffs and Randle can be a great second star. While the money may make things complicated, Portland doesn’t have many options.

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