5 Biggest Super Bowl Frauds in the NFL Right Now

Kyler Murray and the Cardinals make the list of the all fraud team.
Kyler Murray and the Cardinals make the list of the all fraud team. / Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

This is when we separate the elite from the frauds in the NFL. Are you a true Super Bowl contender? Or did you just do a good impression of one earlier in the regular season?

In Week 15, we learned several teams fall into the latter category.

The Patriots were upset by the Colts on Saturday night. The Cardinals were upset by the freaking LIONS on Sunday. The Titans lost to the Steelers. There were other bad performances to choose from.

So which of those teams (or maybe an unmentioned team?) is the biggest Super Bowl fraud right now? Here are our rankings with Super Bowl odds coming from WynnBET.

5. Dallas Cowboys (+1200 to win Super Bowl)

The Cowboys beat the Giants 21-6 in Week 15. Any good team would have beaten that Giants team 42-0. They stink. The Cowboys let them stay in it.

The Cowboys fumbled the ball three times against New York and their defense gave up over 120 rushing yards against a team starting Mike Glennon under center (IE you knew they were running it). Prescott and the Cowboys offense haven't looked good since early November when Prescott hurt his calf. Their defense has masked the offense's struggles.

You can accurately say they've won three straight. I can also accurately retort it came against sub.-500 opponents. On the year, they've beaten two teams with a winning record. I don't see the Cowboys winning four straight games against teams with winning records come playoff time. Not even with one of those games coming at home.

4. Baltimore Ravens (+3000 to win the Super Bowl)

This is no fault to the Ravens. They've had too many injuries to count this year. Now Lamar Jackson is banged up. Even when he was on the field, their offense stunk. All they could do was run the ball. They weren't even great at that. It was as much about Jackson creating something out of nothing than anything else. Can't win like that consistently in the playoffs.

This is a team I WOULD'NT want to play in the playoffs. In a one-game series, they could get hot with the deep ball, which opens up running lanes. But overall, I don't see them winning it all despite likely winning their division. In fact, I could see them being one-and-done. Apparently Vegas agrees with me based on this line.

3. New England Patriots (+675 to win Super Bowl)

Let's not overreact to one loss on the road against the Colts, a team I like as a bet to win the Super Bowl with +3000 odds. Let's just look at the totality of the situation.

The Bills and Patriots play next week with the winner of that game likely winning the AFC East. The Bills will probably be favored in that game.

Mac Jones has been a good game manager this year. He's not ready to win a Super Bowl. No rookie quarterback has ever won a Super Bowl.

The Patriots have never won a Super Bowl without a first-round bye. Likely, they won't have one here. In fact, they may have to go on the road in the playoffs. A rookie quarterback winning three road playoff games has never happened either.

This is a good team. They've exceeded expectations. They aren't winning the Super Bowl, as their loss to the Colts proves. Plus, they're way overvalued at +675.

2. Cardinals (+900 to win the Super Bowl)

The Cardinals were 10-2 and in first place in the NFC in what feels like a second ago. Two seconds (and two losses) later and they're now just one game up in the NFC West and in serious danger of losing all they built those first 12 weeks.

Losing to the Panthers without Kyler Murray earlier in the year was one thing. Losing to the Lions this week and giving up 30 points in back-to-back games is another. This team is folding, just as they did down the stretch last year, and the end result will likely be a loss in the first or second round of the playoffs.

The fact that they have the fifth-best odds to win the Super Bowl is stunning and is clearly all about their previous performances and not what they look like now. Hell, I wouldn't even bet them to win the NFC West at this point.

1. Tennessee Titans (+1800 to win the Super Bowl)

Losing Derrick Henry was always going to be an issue for this team. But they've lost three out of four including a loss to the Texans. AT HOME!

AJ Brown is hurt. So is Julio Jones. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill has been lost without his superstar running back and those wide receiver injuries don't help either. But the Titans have had 13 turnovers in their last four games (four against the Steelers, four against the Patriots and FIVE against the Texans). You can't win in the regular season like that, let alone the playoffs.