Actor Michael Chiklis on 'Winning Time,' Lakers-Celtics and if Tom Brady is Truly Done Playing

Will Tom Brady Play Again? | Michael Chiklis
Will Tom Brady Play Again? | Michael Chiklis /

Longtime actor Michael Chiklis has taken on some iconic roles throughout his career, but he's never had a chance to play one of his childhood heroes.

That dream has become a reality as Chiklis stars as legendary Boston Celtics coach and executive Red Auerbach in HBO's new series, "Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty."

Growing up as a die-hard Boston sports fan, Chiklis grew up during the Auerbach reign from 1950-1966 as head coach, and through his years as the team's General Manager from 1966-the mid 1980's during the height of the Celtics-Lakers rivalry.

The two of us spoke on BetSided's Bet and Breakfast podcast about this remarkable opportunity to play such an iconic Boston sports figure, living through the rivalry through the lens of his father who, "preached the gospel of Red Auerbach," how the rivalry grew and connected the rest of sports, which characters best transcended their characters, and much more.

Plus, we also addressed his thoughts on the ultimate Boston sports legend, Tom Brady deciding to retire. While he didn't say he had any inside information, it was evident that Chiklis, who has known Brady for many years, isn't convinced he's done for good.

CHIKLIS: I actually haven't talked to Tom... I haven't heard from him directly, so I have no 'inside baseball' here. But I don't know why, maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I don't know why I have this gut, weird intuition that this isn't over yet. I don't know how that will manifest itself at all and I'm not telling you something based on any knowledge (laughs), I don't know! I want to make that very clear, I don't know anything! But I'm just talking about guts, 'Why do I feel like this isn't the way this is going to go down?'

Again, this could be wishful thinking because it's been just 22 years of joy... I named my DOG after this guy, you know? A little weird, but it's because of joy!

BETSIDED: He can't be the only "Tom" or "Brady" animal, or son in the Boston area.

CHIKLIS: Oh I don't call my dog Tom, and I don't call him Brady...

I call him Tom Brady (laughs)! I call him TB-12, I call him the champion...

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