Athletics vs. Rangers Prediction and Odds for Tuesday, September 13 (America's Newest Gameshow: Name That Pitcher)

Texas Rangers outfielders
Texas Rangers outfielders / Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Know anyone that can name both starting pitchers in this matchup between the Oakland Athletics and Texas Rangers? The caveat is, they can't be specific fans of the team, or be related to any of the players. If so, I'm willing to shell out $100 dollars. Frankly, I’m not even sure ESPN knows these guys because neither has a picture on the website. 

Here, I’ll even give you some multiple choice: Let’s play Oakland A’s starting pitcher or obscure actor from Moneyball. 

  1. Ken Waldichuck
  2. Reed Thompson
  3. Ken Medlock
  4. Brent Jennings

At least the starter for the A’s today is a top 100 prospect on so if you’re a real minor league baseball nut then you could know him.

Our next starting pitcher is the 13th-ranked prospect in the Texas system and a former first round pick. He has made five starts this year and has a 3.80 ERA, but a 6.26 FIP that tells us he’s not pitching as well as the results indicate. 

For this one I’ll give you a New York Ranger and a Texas Longhorn football player as the other two options, see if you can spot tonight’s starter for the Texas Rangers. 

  1. Tim Gettinger
  2. Cole Ragans 
  3. Cole Lourd

Scroll down for the answers and to find out what your bet is tonight. 

Athletics vs. Rangers Odds, Run Line and Total

Athletics vs. Rangers Prediction and Pick


  1. A
  2. B

If you got one of two right, then bet on that guy's team on the moneyline tonight, if you got neither right, then take the over. You clearly don’t believe in these pitchers enough to know their names. If you got both right then good for you, you know your stuff, take the under because this will be a pitcher’s duel. 

This is what happens at the end of a season when you get two teams well under .500 matching up. They want to see what their young players have and it can make for some really ugly baseball. Or, it can produce some hope for next season. 

Waldichuk has a 3.60 ERA in his two starts, but a 5.62 Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP). Basically the same numbers as Ragans, but in a few less starts.

Neither team has been playing particularly well lately or for much of the season at all. Frankly it was hard for me to find any legitimate betting angle in this one, but I knew Waldichcuk’s name and not Ragans so I guess I have to lean on the A’s. 

LEAN: Athletics +122

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