Best NRFI and YRFI Bets Today (Trust Woodruff and Greene to Stay Clean)

Milwaukee Brewers starting pitcher Brandon Woodruff (53)
Milwaukee Brewers starting pitcher Brandon Woodruff (53) / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Thursday night in September and as we all know that means football. Tonight, it means I get to torture myself watching my Pittsburgh Steelers offense try to move the ball. Anyways, we all know that Amazon owns the universe and when we’re watching on Amazon Prime tonight we can’t really flip channels or check in on our baseball bets. So, let’s make sure they finish up after one inning and lead up on No Run First Inning and Yes Run First Inning bets. 

These are a couple of my favorites, but don’t be afraid to seek out some good pitching matchups or two hot offenses going head-to-head tonight. 

Best NRFI Bets Today

Brewers vs. Reds -128

The odds on this one should be a little bit longer like -140, but you get some added value because Hunter Greene is starting for Cincinnati. He is not a great pitcher and is the reason the total isn’t higher, but he shouldn’t affect the NRFI odds. He is really good the first time through the order. His first inning ERA is 3.86 and he is so much better in the first three innings than he is innings 4-6. His stuff is good enough to get through the first inning against Milwaukee with no issues. 

Brandon Woodruff is on the other side and he has a 2.62 ERA for each of the first three innings. Woodruff is a very good pitcher, but like Greene is even better the first time he sees a lineup. 

Best YRFI Bets Today

Braves vs. Phillies (+105)

This one was a bit of a tough call because there are two good pitchers on the mound in this one. Max Fried for Atlanta is obviously an ace and while Ranger Suarez isn’t quite that, he is a good starter. The thing that they have in common will be their undoing today. The two left-handers will have to face the third and fourth best offenses against lefties this season. 

The Phillies are fourth in team OPS against lefties with a .779, the Braves are right ahead of them with a .784. 

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