Best NRFI and YRFI Bets Today (Fade Taijuan Walker After His Awful Second Half)

Washington Nationals first baseman Joey Meneses
Washington Nationals first baseman Joey Meneses / Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Only two more days in the regular season means just two more full slates to pick our No Run First Inning and Yes Run First Inning bets from. That means we have to make this one count. Let’s do it. 

Best NRFI Bet Today

Rays vs. Red Sox -146

Yes Nathan Eovaldi and Jeffrey Springs are too really good pitchers to back for an NRFI bet, but this is even more about fading these two offenses. Over the past week, both teams have an OPS under .600. The Red Sox have only scored six runs across their last four games, getting shut out twice. The Rays are not much better, if you exclude a seven run outing against Houston they have just seven runs in their last five. 

Best YRFI Bet Today

Nationals vs. Mets +100

Taijuan Walker has a 5.20 ERA over the past two months after looking like an elite piece of this Mets rotation for the start of the season. He has had a couple of rough first innings too with 13 runs allowed in 28 first innings pitched. Washington has been surprisingly good with the bat lately led by Joey Meneses who has an OPS over 1.000 over the past two weeks, good for top 10 in baseball. 

By the second game of this doubleheader, either the Mets division crown hopes will be gone and they will have nothing to play for, or they will still be alive and their hitters will come ready to make a statement. I expect some runs to come early in Game 2 today. 

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