ESPN'S College Gameday's Crew Makes Picks For Week 1

College Gameday made their weekly picks in Charlotte, NC.
College Gameday made their weekly picks in Charlotte, NC. / Max Gersh / The Commercial Appeal via

College Football is back and College Gameday is making picks again. The signature segment, ended by Lee Corso's iconic mascot head reveal, ends the show and kicks off the weekend slate of college football games. The Gameday crew's picks are a fan favorite and with Corso's final pick, is the highlight of every pregame slate.

Here is how the crew picked Week 1's most intriguing games.

All odds listed are via WynnBET.

Notre Dame (-7) vs Florida State Prediction:

  • Desmond Howard: Notre Dame
  • Lee Corso: Notre Dame
  • Kirk Herbstreit: Notre Dame

Ole Miss (-10) vs Louisville Prediction:

  • Howard: Ole Miss
  • Corso: Ole Miss
  • Herbstreit: N/A (Calling Game)

West Virginia (-3) vs Maryland Prediction:

  • Howard: Maryland
  • Corso: WVU
  • Herbstreit: Maryland

Stanford (-10) vs Kansas State Prediction*:

  • Howard: KSU
  • Corso: Stanford
  • Herbstreit: Stanford

Oregon (-20.5) vs Fresno State Prediction:

  • Howard: Oregon
  • Corso: Oregon
  • Herbstreit: Oregon

Oregon State vs Purdue (-7) Prediction:

  • Howard: Purdue
  • Corso: Purdue
  • Herbstreit: Oregon State

Louisiana vs Texas (-8.5) Prediction:

  • Howard: Texas
  • Corso: Texas
  • Herbstreit: Texas

LSU (-2.5) vs UCLA Prediction:

  • Howard: LSU
  • Corso: UCLA
  • Herbstreit: UCLA

Indiana vs Iowa (-3.5) Prediction:

  • Howard: Iowa
  • Corso: Indiana
  • Herbstreit: Iowa

Penn State vs Wisconsin (-5.5) Prediction*:

  • Howard: Penn State
  • Corso: Wisconsin
  • Herbstreit: Wisconsin

Alabama (-19.5) vs Miami Prediction:

  • Howard: Alabama
  • Corso: Alabama
  • Herbstreit: Alabama

Georgia vs Clemson (-3) Prediction:

  • Howard: Clemson
  • Corso: Georgia
  • Herbstreit: N/A (Calling game)

*This game was already in progress when this article was published.

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