Evan McPherson vs. Matt Gay: 2022 Super Bowl Field Goal Props

Cincinnati Bengals kicker Evan McPherson.
Cincinnati Bengals kicker Evan McPherson. / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody ever pays attention to the kicker until there’s three seconds left and he needs to hit one to win the game. 

Both Matt Gay and Evan McPherson have hit game winning field goals in back-to-back weeks to put their teams in the Super Bowl. With one final game, let’s break down the odds for which kicker will have the better day. 

Which Kicker Will Score More Points

Both kickers have the same line and odds for points. Their lines are set at 7.5 points, with the over at -145 and the under at +105. Although I see the Rams winning and scoring a lot of touchdowns, I think McPherson will be able to get a lot of points in this game. The Rams are just outside the top 10 in opponent red zone TD scoring %, so I see them being able to keep the Bengals out of the end zone for a majority of the game.

On top of that, McPherson has made four field goals in every game this postseason. The Bengals do a good job of getting into his range and letting him do the rest.

Which Team Will Kick The First Field Goal

The Rams are a slightly bigger favorite to score the first field goal, with their odds set at -115 and the Bengals’ at -105. I think this one comes down to the coin toss. Both of these offenses have enough fire power to go down the field.

This should really be a pick’em, so I’ll go with the Bengals just because they have better odds. 

Total Combined Field Goals

This line is set at 3.5, with the over set at +135 and the under at -165. Hammer the over. 

As I said earlier, McPherson has made four field goals in each game this postseason. He’s clearing this line by himself. Also, the plus odds is just an extra boost. 

Longest Made Field Goal Distance

This line is set at 47.5 yards (Over: -110/Under: -120). McPherson has hit three 50-yard field goals in the last two games. If need be, the Bengals trust him to hit from distance. Also, at the end of the halves, a long field might be needed, so I will take the over on this one.