Giovanni Says Goodbye After Rough Round | Bet U

Semi-Finals Results | Bet U
Semi-Finals Results | Bet U /

We've finally reached the finals in Bet U!

The Semis were not kind to Giovanni Bottone, who went from third to eliminated after losing his entire bankroll. Cody Wells continued his hot streak and increased his payroll by over $300 dollars and took another step closer to the $10,000 grand prize at the end.

The finals are up next, and each contestant will have to lay it on the line to make their last bets. This time there won't be another round. Who ever has the most money at the end of this round, will be the champion.

All odds will be courtesy of WynnBET Sportsbook.

Bet U Leaderboard After Semi-Finals

  1. Cody Wells: $856.01
  2. Robert Sanchez: $431.53
  3. Trey Smith: $187.22
  4. Giovani Bottone: $0.00 - Eliminated in Semi-Finals
  5. Chris Hui: $116.57 - Eliminated Round 3
  6. Jackson Ammos: $78.39 – Eliminated Round 2
  7. Mike Amoruso: $0.00 – Eliminated Round 2
  8. Matt Kronert – Eliminated Round 1

Check out the full episode of Bet U on YouTube to check our their latest picks.