Hilarious 33-Year Streak Involving Jaromir Jagr Will End at this Year's Stanley Cup Final

Jaromir Jagr is part of a 33-year old streak that comes to an end this year.
Jaromir Jagr is part of a 33-year old streak that comes to an end this year. / Graig Abel/GettyImages

The Colorado Avalanche are awaiting the winner of the Eastern Conference Final to find out who they'll face in the 2022 Stanley Cup Final.

The New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning are tied 2-2, as the series heads back to Madison Square Garden for Game 5.

No matter who faces the Avs in the final, it will break one of the most hilarious, but unbelievable, streaks in Stanley Cup history.

This will be the first time since 1979, that no player competing in the Stanley Cup Final was once an NHL teammate of Jaromir Jagr.

If you're not familiar with Jagr, he's a legendary icon in the sport. His first season in the league was back in 1990, and his final NHL season was in 2017-2018. Not only did he play for almost 30 years, but he played for nine different teams throughout his career.

NHL Teams Jaromir Jagr Played For

  • Penguins
  • Capitals
  • Rangers
  • Flyers
  • Stars
  • Bruins
  • Devils
  • Panthers
  • Flames

If you want an NFL comparison, he's like a mix of Frank Gore and Ryan Fitzpatrick. He was around forever, and played for almost a third of the league.

Because of his longevity and amount of teams, he's been connected to countless NHL players. Even at the start of the streak, in 1979, the Stanley Cup Final featured at least one player who would then go on to be a teammate of Jagr.

Honestly, this streak might be one of the most mind-blowing streaks in all of professional sports, and it's truly a tragedy that it's coming to an end.

33 years. One hell of a run.

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