How to Win Your Super Bowl 2022 Squares Game

Feb 1, 2022; Inglewood, CA, USA; A general overall view of SoFi Stadium, the site of Super Bowl LVI
Feb 1, 2022; Inglewood, CA, USA; A general overall view of SoFi Stadium, the site of Super Bowl LVI / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl is "Bettors' Paradise." We are gifted with more betting options on a single game than we could ever dream of, choosing between literal thousands of options for wagertainment.

But there's also a different kind of betting source during the big game. One that for most requires far more luck than skill.

That game is "Super Bowl Squares."

How do you Play Super Bowl Squares?

To participate in a game of Super Bowl Squares, you'll need a grid like the printable version seen below.

Each participant selects a square, typically by placing their initials directly inside. Depending on the type of game, players can enter as many times as they like as long as they pay the entry fee per square.

Players must mark the sheet BEFORE numbers are drawn to each side. Once numbers are assigned, the digits corresponding with your initial are your numbers for the entire game. If the scores go into double digits, the second number (eg. the "3" in "23") would represent your number.

For example, if you have Rams "0" and Bengals "3," and the final score is Rams 20, Bengals 13, your score would win.

What are the best numbers to win in Squares?

At the beginning of 2021, Business Insider went back to determine the number of times a specific Super Bowl Squares spot on the grid had been a winner. What they found were a wide spread set of points that indicate where you want to be on the board.

For starters, a 0,3,4, or 7 is obviously thought of as a common secondary number in a football game, but it's so common that it actually occurred 92.5% of the time.

If you end up with a 2, 5, 8, or 9, you'll be a heavy underdog throughout the entire game. Those numbers have only hit in 13.8% of all Super Bowl quarters.

Lastly, the two specific numbers you want on a Squares board is not 7-7, but 7-0. That score, via Business Insider hit in 20.9% of first quarters, and 12.3% overall in every Super Bowl.

Ultimately, the squares you get are out of your hands (unless someone decides to play with known numbers), but at least you'll know just how great of an underdog you truly are.

Need a Super Bowl squares board? We've got you covered with a printable/downloadable one!