Let's Set Odds: Who Will Win 2022 Puppy Bowl MVP?

Puppy Bowl 18 will take place on Sunday.
Puppy Bowl 18 will take place on Sunday. / Brian Wells/Times Herald, Port Huron

The Puppy Bowl is one of the cutest Super Bowl traditions of all-time. 

In the Puppy Bowl, the goal is to take the chew toy from one end of the field to the other. Simple enough.

This year, Team Ruff and Team Fluff will face off against each other once again in Puppy Bowl 18 (XVIII). 

Before the pups get to playing, let’s look at who I think will walk away with the MVP. 

All odds are based on cuteness and perceived energy level.

Odds to win Puppy Bowl MVP

  • Nugget: +200
  • Sky: +350
  • Raven: +450
  • Pepper Jack: +575
  • Mr.Tinkles: +1000

Nugget: +200

Nugget is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and plays for Team Fluff. Nugget gets my vote because he looks like Cheddar from “Brooklyn Nine Nine” and that is one of the smartest dogs in television history. If Nugget is half as smart as Cheddar, Team Fluff will win in a blowout.

Sky: +350

Sky is an Australian Cattle Dog/Golden Retriever mix and will be representing Team Fluff. While Sky’s eyes are extremely soft, I can see the potential to be a cold-blooded winner. The breeds Sky is mixed with are two breeds that live by one rule: See ball, get ball. If Sky can bring that energy to the game, Team Fluff will be champions. 

Raven: +450

Raven is a Border Collie/Dachshund mix and looks to be all about business. You can see that Raven takes no games and is one of the smarter dogs on the field. Team Fluff should let Raven come up with the strategy, so they can win. 

Pepper Jack: +575

Team Fluff is loaded with talent this year. Pepper Jack is a Chihuahua/Poodle mix and has the biggest and cutest eyes. While I think the eyes will be able to fool some people and give Team Fluff an advantage, I can’t see Pepper Jack fully being the savage needed to win MVP.  

Mr.Tinkles: +1000

Mr. Tinkles is a Shih Tzu/Pekingese mix and plays for Team Fluff. I have to put him last because his name implies he will be doing a lot of tinkling. That will get him penalized and on the bench. No disrespect to Mr.Tinkles, but if you aren’t in the game, I can’t have you win MVP.