Let's Set Odds for a Potential Jimmy Garoppolo Trade

Jimmy G might be out in San Fran but many teams could benefit from trading for him in the offseason.
Jimmy G might be out in San Fran but many teams could benefit from trading for him in the offseason. / Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

It appears as though the San Francisco 49ers have rode the Jimmy Garoppolo train to its final stop.

After a disappointing loss in the NFC Title Game to the Los Angeles Rams, there is a good chance that the 49ers are ready to move on. He struggled to move the ball downfield during a crucial point late in the game, and then blew a chance to win with a late interception. The team was unable to hang onto a 10 point fourth-quarter lead with everything to play for. 

This leaves the team with a lot of questions surrounding its future. They have an amazing offense but need a more dynamic quarterback to lead it. One that makes better decisions under pressure and can avoid mistakes in big spots. So, if Garoppolo’s days in the Bay Area are over, what trade destinations make sense for him? Here are the most likely as of today and some odds to put them into perspective.

Jimmy Garoppolo Trade Odds

  • Pittsburgh Steelers +450
  • Washington Football Team +500
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +600
  • Denver Broncos +600
  • Carolina Panthers +750
  • Miami Dolphins +800
  • Houston Texans +1050
  • Green Bay Packers +1100

Pittsburgh Steelers +450

The Steelers are the most viable option for all parties involved in the wake of Ben Roethlisberger's retirement. First off, it would add a known entity to the franchise in lieu of trying to score big in the draft. This is considered a down draft for quarterbacks anyway and the Steelers know that. While Pittsburgh might try to target an even bigger name like Aaron Rodgers, that might be a pipe dream for the franchise. As our VP of Betting, Brian Giuffra points out, the Steelers would have to give up too much to get the Packers on board with a trade. 

Washington Football Team +500

Washington has had even more trouble trying to find a starting quarterback than they have had trying to find a new team name. We were robbed of another season of Fitzmagic after Ryan Fitzpatrick got knocked out for the season with a hip injury. He will be on the wrong side of 40 at the beginning of next season. Meanwhile, his backup Taylor Heinicke underperformed and is definitely on the chopping block heading into the offseason.  

Jimmy G would present a massive upgrade for Washington. The team is already very good on the defensive end of the ball and just needs a spark on offense to challenge for the NFC East again. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +600

I would put the Buccaneers higher on this list if Tom Brady had actually announced his retirement instead of the media. While Brady has yet to make a formal announcement, he also hasn’t come out against the news. There is a strong possibility that Brady is waiting until Feb. 4th when his $15 million signing bonus is set to be paid out before he announces his exit. It is a lot of money to leave on the table for no reason. 

What makes the Buccaneers attractive is that they are the readiest to “win now” team on this list. It’s almost a turnkey offense for any competent quarterback to take over and make the playoffs with. The team also has a very strong running game led by Leonard Fournette along with a strong defense. In a lot of ways, they are a lot like the 49ers. Another way that they are like San Francisco is the fact that they play at least half of their games in warm weather. While he managed to come away with a win against the Packers at Lambeau, it was Garoppolo’s first career NFL start with temperatures below 40 degrees. Let’s not forget that Florida also has no personal income tax. This makes playing there much more attractive to professional athletes. 

Houston Texans +1050

The Houston Texans are an intriguing dark horse to trade for Garoppolo and need veteran leadership on offense. Rookie David Mills did fine on a pretty bad team, but they do have the tools to compete with a quality starting quarterback. Jimmy G also has a history with the Texans’ GM Nick Caserio. Caserio was part of the Patriots as the director of player personnel when Garoppolo was Tom Brady’s backup. He would be able to pick up this offense without too much trouble and is one of the better options for Houston heading into the offseason. 

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