Let's Set Odds: Who Takes Over Waystar-Royco in Season 3 of Succession?

Who is most likely to take over the Waystar-Royco throne from Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox) in HBO's "Succession?"
Who is most likely to take over the Waystar-Royco throne from Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox) in HBO's "Succession?" / Theo Wargo/GettyImages

The Roys are back!

Starting on Sunday, October 17th, the family that's all-out to take each other down for the leading spot of the Waystar-Royco empire returns to HBO for the third season of "Succession".

Season 2 ended in glorious, dramatic fashion, as (spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the first two seasons) oldest son Kendall Roy turns the tables in a press conference initially set to use him as the "fall guy" for the company's crimes and cover-ups involving multiple sexual assaults on their cruise lines and instead throws his dad Logan under the bus.

The big question on every viewer's mind, along with what the potential fallout will be after that press conference, is who will eventually succeed Logan Roy as CEO of Waystar-Royco?

Since odds are not available for a television premiere at WynnBET Sportsbook, we thought we'd have some fun and put on our collective oddsmakers hats to determine which family member (or outside character) is most likely to inherit the company from the current CEO and family patriarch.

Odds for who will take over Waystar Royco

Marcia Roy +150

Marcia, Logan's wife, has been extremely loyal to Logan in an environment where trust isn't in good standing. She confronted the previously-named successor in Rhea Jarrell, who eventually stepped down when she was asked, and refused, to convince the cruise line whistleblower to take the money rather than go public.

My concern with Marcia, even as a likely choice, is that we simply don't know that much about her. How would the audience feel about an emotional investment in all these characters, only to have it be the person they feel that they know the least?

Perhaps the family needs to be at war with someone above them, making her a natural choice, but perhaps if she succeeds Logan, that gives show-runner Jesse Armstrong to then allow us inward into her story.

One thing to remember, however, is she was not on the yacht with the family during their decision on who would be the "fall person" and walked out on Logan following his interest in Rhea.

Siobhan ‘Shiv’ Roy +250

Shiv is like Derek Carr of the Las Vegas Raiders. Every season, the conversation for MVP seems to involve him as they get off to a great start, only to fall behind for a multitude of reasons. In Shiv's case, she's the go-getter of the family, wooed by Logan multiple times to succeed him and also to actually work at the company despite her success in the political field.

It's almost as if the choice is too easy, because Shiv makes too much sense. Unfortunately for her, I sense another Charlie Brown moment as Lucy/Logan pulls the football away one more time. Maybe she's the one to pull the power play late in Season 3?

Kendall Roy +325

After what felt like a lobotomized Season 2 of Kendall, he finally fights back and shows his father that he's not going to be the whipping boy anymore. While the move caught everyone off-guard, and showed a side of the oldest Roy sibling we hadn't seen in quite some time (killer instinct), I'm not sure how betraying his father a second time helps him get in his father's good graces to inherit the company.

Does it show the ruthlessness needed to run Waystar-Royco? Perhaps. I also wonder if Kendall is going for the public play and the shareholder support, rather than trying to get it directly from his father.

Connor Roy +500

There's a few hints in the trailer that Connor is once again in play, but Logan finds him to be an idiot who burns through capital like a SpaceX mission and just failed miserably in his bizarre Presidential attempt.

Hard pass even with long odds, even though he's done the least within the family to take the power away from Logan.

Roman Roy +500

Don't count out Roman in this equation. The youngest child in the Roy family stepped up big after a deal that had the potential to go down terribly in Turkey. Roman's insistence on trying to earn his father's respect is very much in play, along with his insistent pursuit of Waystar-Royco general counsel Gerri Kellman. A Roman/Gerri alliance is possible.

Gerri Kellman +750

Gerri knows where the skeletons are buried and there appears to be plenty more that comes out as each episode occurs. She still holds a high level of trust from Logan and the savvy veteran may be appearing to play the long game as the family continues to take each other out.

Cousin Greg +900

This is the succession plan we deserve to see! Gregory Hirsch, CEO of Waystar-Royco!

Cousin Greg has already gotten his hands dirty in the family's legal dealings, despite having no real understanding of what he's doing. He continues to fall up, making for a fascinating character arc of the unknown figure coming in, playing the system to perfection, and then succeeding Logan in the grandest of "F-U's to his family.

I'm all in on this because it's 100% what I'm rooting for.

Tom Wambsgans +1500

Similar to Connor, Tom is viewed as clueless by Logan, despite leading the broadcast division. Go figure, right?

For what it's worth, I can't help but think that his marriage to Shiv is playing a role in her inability to get Logan to give up the company to her. His severe lack of approval could play a key role.


Don't sleep on Stewy Hosseini, Kendall's friend/new nemesis, as a possible heir to the throne in perhaps the ultimate slap to the face from Logan to his eldest son.

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