Let's Set Odds: Will Matthew Stafford Make the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Now that he has won a Super Bowl, is Matthew Stafford a Hall-of-Famer?
Now that he has won a Super Bowl, is Matthew Stafford a Hall-of-Famer? / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sports discussion can be a funny thing sometimes, especially when it comes to arguments amongst groups of fans.

For example, as a very calm, laid back person by nature, I don’t understand how people can get so worked up on small issues. However, when those same people overreact to things that happen in sports, I eat it up. 

Right now, the big debate being tossed around is whether or not Super Bowl winning quarterback Matthew Stafford is set to be a Hall-of-Famer? 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the debates popping up on Reddit and Twitter with people having very strong opinions about the matter. But, that kind of thing will happen when a veteran quarterback, who spent his career languishing on a terrible team, gets traded and immediately wins a Super Bowl.

Let's get into the heads of the oddsmakers and set odds ourselves on whether or not Stafford eventually gets to Canton.

Will Matthew Stafford Be a Hall of Famer?

YES +160

The argument for Stafford is very easy for me to understand but hard for me to get behind. He did put up some very strong numbers in Detroit with not the best team. He also came out and won a Super Bowl immediately following leaving Detroit. So basically, the argument for that I have seen is that he is a veteran QB that has good stats and then won a Super Bowl.

While many think he belongs in the Hall because he got a ring, I still can't get there because I need to take his full career into consideration.

No -240

The arguments against Stafford I think will take a bit longer to explain to get comfy.

Just a season ago, Stafford was the quarterback of a 5-11 team. A SB ring doesn't change that. Stafford is also a guy who led a team to 10 losing seasons in 12 years. The Hall-of-Fame isn’t church. You aren’t absolved of all your prior sins because you do something super positive. 

There are conversations indicating voters may stop using wins and losses as a quarterback stat and I disagree with that process. I think they should be included for every position because it helps put stats into perspective. For example, a player could lead the league in rushing by getting a ton of work in garbage time on the worst team in the NFL. Say he does that for a few years, makes some Pro Bowls, and sets a mid-tier rushing record or two. But, only because his team is so bad that he enjoys an existence in garbage time. Would he deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame?

While this is an extreme example, I don’t view Stafford as all that much different. A least before this year. Sure, he put up some great numbers over the years, but to what end? As the field General of a football team, I think that a quarterback’s win-loss record matters very much and makes Stafford a very fringe Hall of Fame candidate in my book.

One Super Bowl is great, but with that much losing, I'd advise coming back to the table after winning another one.