Luka Doncic Injury Update Provides Interesting Opportunity for Mavs Bettors

Luka Doncic will miss at least Game One against Utah, but that provides a unique opportunity for bettors
Luka Doncic will miss at least Game One against Utah, but that provides a unique opportunity for bettors / Tim Heitman/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks just received a devastating blow ahead of their first round matchup with the Utah Jazz.

Already +240 underdogs to win the series at WynnBET, Dallas will now have to adjust to life without Luka on the fly.

But where some see despair, I see an opportunity. There's one clear way to bet this series now that has loads of value for bettors.

How Luka's Injury Helps Mavs Backers

A lovely thing about the NBA playoffs is that every round is a seven-game series. So teams must win four games to advance. Even if Luka misses Game Two, I'm optimistic he'll be available for Game Three next Thursday. Even if Utah goes up 2-0 in the series, they'll still need to win at least two games with Luka to move on.

Quick trivia: What have the Jazz become known for this year? Go ahead, take your time...Ok, pencils down. Do a quick google search of "Jazz Blown Lead" and you'll see a lengthy list of articles with titles like "Jazz Blow Another Huge Lead." You'll find dozens of pieces about their propensity to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and almost all of them are about different games!

Utah lost seven games this season that they once led by at least 15 points. That's ridiculous. They invent new ways to lose every week, and nothing would be more fitting than squandering a 2-0 series lead to Dallas.

So how can we profit from that? At +240, the Mavericks are already underdogs in the series. Imagine how juicy that number will be if the Jazz go up 2-0. I'm praying Utah doesn't pull a classic Jazz move and lose one of games without Luka, but if they win like they're supposed to then I'm going to hammer Dallas live to win the series.

Over the final ten games of the regular season, Dallas posted the third-best net rating in the league (8.9) while Utah ranked 13th (2.5). As long as Luka's injury doesn't hobble him when he does play, then the Mavericks are the much better team. I have no concerns about their ability to win four of six games to win the series, especially against a Jazz team that treats blown leads like candy.

The Jazz were just 2-6-1 against the spread in their final nine games as a favorite, and with all the pressure that would come with being up 2-0 I'd be shocked if they didn't blow that lead.

So we have a simple strategy:

  • Step 1. Root for Utah in Games One and Two.
  • Step 2. Hammer the Mavericks to win the series down 0-2.
  • Step 3. Retire.

Keep an eye on WynnBET's series prices throughout the week and warn your accountant in advance that you're going to have a lot of dollars that need counting.

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