This Mike Zimmer Stat will Infuriate Vikings Fans

Mike Zimmer's Vikings have been a very tough team to watch due to their constant meltdowns on defense.
Mike Zimmer's Vikings have been a very tough team to watch due to their constant meltdowns on defense. / Matt Blewett-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings have been one of the more annoying teams to bet on or be a fan of this season. It isn’t so much the losses that are causing the stress, but more so how the Vikings are losing. Their modus operandi has been pretty consistent through the season. They build up a sizable lead early in the game and go on to blow it every time. It’s really something to behold as I’ve never seen such a consistent weekly meltdown from any NFL team. 

This trend has led to some pretty unique stats coming out of Minnesota. One such stat is that Mike Zimmer’s Vikings are the only team in the NFL that has held a lead of six points in every game this season. While that sounds very positive, and it is, the problem is that the Vikings have won just six games. So, they have had a six-point lead in 13 games this year and lost seven of them. 

Take this last week for example. The Vikings were up by 23 points and shutting out the Pittsburgh Steelers at halftime. Pretty good setup to coast to a victory in the second half. Well, the Vikings had other ideas and allowed the Steelers to score 28 points and nearly win the game. While they didn’t lose, it was just more of the same from this team. 

Another interesting stat for the Vikings this season is that they have played just one game that has been decided by more than one score. Week 14 was more of the same as the Steelers were just a TD and 2-pt conversion away from tying this game. This trend is particularly annoying when trying to bet the Vikings on the spread as they are covering at a rate of just 53.8 percent. 

Perhaps the most shocking part of all of this is that the Vikings are still in the mix for the last two NFC wild-card spots. Minnesota isn't back on the field again until Monday, Dec. 20 in a very winnable game against the Chicago Bears. The spread for that game at WynnBET Sportsbook as of this writing is 3.5 in favor of the Vikings.