MLB Power Rankings Based on World Series Odds on May 2 (Yankees Surging After Slow Start)

New York Yankees outfielders Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.
New York Yankees outfielders Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Welcome to BetSided's MLB Power Rankings, where we not only rank the best teams in baseball, but we relate it to their World Series odds at WynnBET Sportsbook throughout the season.

We're nearly a month into the season, and some teams have gotten off to extremely hot starts while others have lagged behind. Let's see where everyone stacks up at the beginning of May:

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (+500) Last Week: No. 1

The Los Angeles Dodgers don't have the best record in baseball anymore, but they still have the best run differential at plus-47. Los Angeles has the best team ERA in baseball, and it is the clear favorite in the NL West.

2. New York Mets (+1000) LW: No. 2

The Mets remain in the No. 2 spot, as they have won seven of their last 10 games and are 16-7 through their first 23 games. This is all with Jacob deGrom! New York's defense has also been one of the best in baseball, which is a good sign for things to come.

3. New York Yankees (+1200) LW: No. 5

The Yankees have won nine straight games and have the No. 2 run differential in MLB (plus-41) as well as the league's record. Whenever you are second in team ERA and third in OPS, you are going to be among one of the best teams in baseball.

4. San Francisco Giants (+2000) LW: No. 4

The Giants are technically third in the NL West, but they are just a half game behind the Dodgers and have shown they weren't a fluke last year, ranking fifth in the league in team ERA.

5. Toronto Blue Jays (+700) LW: No. 3

The Jays are 15-8 so far this season, but they have just a plus-one run differential. The Jays pitching staff has not been great (19th in team ERA), and it could limit this team's ceiling if things don't turn around.

6. San Diego Padres (+1500) LW: No. 9

The Padres are playing extremely well without Fernando Tatis Jr., ranking second in the league in runs scored, and they are tied with the Dodgers in the NL West. Is this the year they put it together?

7. Milwaukee Brewers (+1500) LW: No. 6

The Brewers have won seven of their last 10 games, and they are riding their vaunted pitching staff (fourth in team ERA) for the second straight season. The Brewers should be able to take advantage of a weak NL Central this season.

8. Los Angeles Angels (+2500) LW: No. 11

Mike Trout is hitting .344 with six homers so far this season, and he's leading an Angels offense that is No. 2 in OPS and first in runs scored. The Angels just need the pitching to hold up this season, cause the offense is legit.

9. St. Louis Cardinals (+3000) LW: No. 7

The Cardinals have gotten a strong start from Nolan Arenado, and they have the same run differential as the Brewers despite winning three fewer games.

10. Tampa Bay Rays (+2000) LW: No. 10

The Rays are just 12-10 and have a negative run differential, but I'm not worried about a team that is a perennial contender these days. The Rays are in the top half of the league in OPS (14th) and ERA (12th) so I don't think this slow start is here to stay.

11. Seattle Mariners (+3000) LW: No. 8

The Mariners are just 5-5 in their last 10 games, but they have a legit Cy Young candidate in Logan Gilbert and an impressive plus-21 run differential. The team ranks seventh in ERA, and could be a sneaky wild card in the AL.

12. Minnesota Twins (+5000) LW: No. 14

Byron Buxton is a an MVP candidate, and the Twins' offseason moves have paid off, as the team is sixth in team ERA and has a plus-23 run differential to lead the AL Central.

13. Miami Marlins (+7500) LW: No. 21

The Marlins are surging, winning eight of their last 10 games, and they have one of the most electric athletes in the league in Jazz Chisholm. They probably won't hold up, but the Marlins are the biggest movers in this week's rankings.

14. Houston Astros (+1200) LW: No. 13

Houston's offense is struggling, and with Jose Altuve on the injured list, the Astros are going to need someone else to step up to carry the team through the start of the season.

15. Philadelphia Phillies (+2500) LW: No. 22

Even though the Phillies were no-hit by the Mets on Friday, they have won six of their last 10 and are moving up the NL East standings.

16. Colorado Rockies (+10000) LW: No. 12

The Rockies are hitting the cover off the ball, ranking first in the league in OPs, but they have allowed 110 runs and have a negative run differential despite a 13-9 record.

17. Boston Red Sox (+2500) LW: No. 15

Alex Cora himself said the team had a "horrible month" of April, and he's not wrong. Boston was 23rd in runs scored and 24th in OPS, things that will have to change with an already suspect pitching staff.

18. Cleveland Guardians (+10000) LW: No. 18

The Guardians snapped a seven-game losing streak with with three straight wins over the weekend, but it seems like it's only a matter of time before they regress and fall out of the No. 2 spot in the AL Central.

19. Atlanta Braves (+1200) LW: No. 16

Ronald Acuna Jr. is back, but the Braves pitching is not, ranking 23rd in team ERA. The defending champs are off to a slow start, and with the Mets cooking, Atlanta may have to go by way of the wild card into the postseason in 2022.

20. Chicago White Sox (+1000) LW: No. 17

The White Sox can't stay healthy, and they haven't played well at all this season, ranking 24th in OPS and 21st in team ERA. They still should be fine in the AL Central, but they are way overvalued at +1000 to win it all.

21. Oakland Athletics (+20000) LW: No. 20

Credit to the A's for hanging around to start the season after trading everyone imaginable in the offseason, but they are starting to fall off with three straight losses and a 3-7 stretch over the last two weeks.

22. Chicago Cubs (+12500) LW: No. 24

The Cubs are 3-7 over their last 10 games, and their run differential is inflated by a 21-0 win over the Pirates. I'm not out on this team just yet, but the early returns aren't promising.

23. Detroit Tigers (+7500) LW: No. 19

So much for the Tigers making a huge step this season, as they have lost seven of their last 10 to fall to last place in a poor AL Central.

24. Arizona Diamondbacks (+20000) LW: No. 28

The Diamondbacks have better record than some of these last-place teams, but they 29th in OPS, despite being top-10 in ERA, which has resulted in a negative-19 run differential. The bats have to get going in a loaded NL West.

25. Texas Rangers (+10000) LW: No. 26

The Rangers are just 8-14, but they have hit the ball well, ranking in 11th in runs scored, and they have cleaned things up with five wins in their last 10 games.

26. Baltimore Orioles (+50000) LW: No. 29

The Orioles deserve some credit, as they haven't been dominated as much as past years so far in 2022, but they are going to need to play better on the road (3-10) if they want to really take a step this season.

27. Washington Nationals (+20000) LW: No. 27

Can someone get Juan Soto some help? The Nationals have a team ERA of 5.08 and have allowed 128 runs in 24 games. They'll finish in last in the NL East unless they have a drastic shift on the roster.

28. Pittsburgh Pirates (+50000) LW: No. 23

The Pirates may be 9-13, but they have a minus-41 run differential, the second worst in baseball. The NL Central is a mess this season.

29. Kansas City Royals (+10000) LW: No. 25

The Royals are not good, ranking 27th in team ERA and 28th in OPS, and they are just 7-13 with a minus-34 run differential this season.

30. Cincinnati Reds (+20000) LW: No. 30

The Reds are 3-19. They traded away several of their key players in the offseason and fans are showing up to the stadium with paper bags over their faces. Not good.