MLB Power Rankings Based on World Series Odds on June 6 (Angels Fading Fast, Yankees Surge Again)

Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout.
Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout. / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The first week of June did not disappoint in Major League Baseball, unless you are a Los Angeles Angeles fan.

The Angels have lost 11 straight and blew a 5-0 lead against the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday to lose on a walk-off homer by Bryson Stott. Yikes.

Meanwhile, the rich get richer as some of our top teams just keep finding ways to win.

Every week at BetSided, yours truly shares the latest Power Rankings for MLB in relation to the odds to win the World Series at WynnBET Sportsbook. Let's see who the biggest movers were this week:

1. New York Yankees (+600) LW: No. 2

The Yankees' odds have been slashed from +750 to +600. They've won six straight and have a 7.5-game lead in the AL East.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (+475) Last Week: No. 1

The Dodgers still have the best run differential in baseball, but they split their weekend series with the Mets to fall behind the Yankees in this week's rankings.

3. New York Mets (+800) LW: No. 3

Speaking of the Mets, they deserve a ton of respect for going 8-2 over their last 10 games and surpassing the Dodgers for the best record in the NL. This team is doing it all without Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer.

4. Houston Astros (+800) LW: No. 4

The Astros have won seven of their last 10 games and now have a healthy lead on the slumping Angels in a weak AL West.

5. San Diego Padres (+1500) LW: No. 5

The Padres offense has been struggling, and yet they are just two games behind the Dodgers in the NL West and Fernando Tatis Jr. could return this month.

6. Milwaukee Brewers (+1200) LW: No. 6

The Brewers almost snuck into the top five this week, but three straight losses this weekend didn't do them any favors.

7. Minnesota Twins (+2500) LW: No. 7

The Twins' World Series odds have jumped from +3000 to +2500 as they continue to remain atop the AL Central.

8. Toronto Blue Jays (+900) LW: No. 9

The Jays have gone 8-2 over their last 10 games to jump past the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East.

9. St. Louis Cardinals (+3000) LW: No. 11

The Cardinals have multiple MVP candidates and are just half a game out of the NL Central lead.

10. Tampa Bay Rays (+2000) LW: No. 8

The Rays are now behind the Blue Jays in the AL East, but they rank fourth in team ERA over the past 30 days. The problem? Their offense is 28th in OPS over that stretch.

11. Atlanta Braves (+1500) LW: No. 14

Here. Come. The. Braves. Atlanta is 7-3 over its last 10 games and has won five straight. Ronald Acuna Jr. is really starting to get back to his old self. The defending champs are going to be an interesting team the rest of the way.

12. San Francisco Giants (+2500) LW: No. 12

The Giants are 27th in team ERA (5.04) over the last 30 days. I don't think that sustainable if this team wants to make the playoffs in 2022.

13. Boston Red Sox (+6000) LW: No. 13

The Red Sox are back to .500 and they get to keep the No. 13 spot for another week.

14. Los Angeles Angels (+1500) LW: No. 10

The Angels have lost 11 straight games and are in danger of plummeting on this list.

15. Texas Rangers (+30000) LW: No. 18

I may be a little high on the Rangers, but they are sixth in team ERA over the last 30 days and slowly making a charge in the AL West.

16. Cleveland Guardians (+10000) LW: No. 16

The AL Central isn't good, but the Guardians have a solid run differential and an MVP candidate in Jose Ramirez in their favor.

17. Chicago White Sox (+1500) LW: No. 15

The White Sox odds refuse to drop despite injuries plaguing this team early in the 2022 season.

18. Philadelphia Phillies (+4000) LW: No. 17

The Phillies fired Joe Girardi in hopes of turning the season around, and they've won four straight. Still, this team is a questionable contender at best.

19. Arizona Diamondbacks (+50000) LW: No. 19

The Diamondbacks have lost seven of their last 10 and just dropped two straight to the Pirates. They're back under .500 again.

20. Seattle Mariners (+7500) LW: No. 21

Are the Mariners starting to turn things around? Seattle has won six of its last 10 games and is just 2.5 games out of second in the AL West.

21. Miami Marlins (+10000) LW: No. 19

The Marlins continue to fall in the standings despite having a positive run differential. I want to believe in this team, but they don't look ready to contend yet.

22. Pittsburgh Pirates (+100000) LW: No. 24

The Pirates run differential stinks. They aren't a good team. And yet, they've won seven of their last 10 and are just four games below .500. That's baseball.

23. Colorado Rockies (+30000) LW: No. 22

Nobody in baseball has allowed more runs than the Colorado Rockies who are now in dead last in the NL West and have seen their World Series odds take a major hit.

24. Baltimore Orioles (+100000) LW: No. 25

The Orioles are competing this year even though their offense is 25th in OPS. Things could certainly be worse.

25. Chicago Cubs (+50000) LW: No. 23

Vegas is finally out on the Cubs, moving their World Series odds from +15000 to +50000 over the past week.

26. Detroit Tigers (+30000) LW: No. 27

The Tigers actually had a solid week going before they were dismantled by the Yankees on the weekend.

27. Oakland Athletics (+100000) LW: No. 26

The A's have lost nine of 10 and six straight to fall to just 20-36 on the season.

28. Washington Nationals (+50000) LW: No. 29

Bright side: The Nationals have won three straight. Not so bright side: They are one of two teams to allow over 300 runs so far this season.

29. Cincinnati Reds (+100000) LW: No. 30

The Reds have finally moved out of the last spot in our Power Rankings, and it may last for a little while with how bad the Kansas City Royals have been...

30. Kansas City Royals (+30000) LW: No. 29

The Royals have a worse record than the Cincinnati Reds and rank dead last in run differential. They deserve to be last this week.

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