MLB Weather Report for Monday, August 8 (What's the Forecast for Every MLB Team and Matchup Today?)

General view of Citi Field at sunset.
General view of Citi Field at sunset. / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After a jam-packed Sunday in Major League Baseball, there are just 14 teams in action on Monday, which means we may have to dig a little deeper to find some betting value. 

One of the most important things to look at when betting on baseball is the projected forecast for each game, as the conditions (rain, wind) can affect how the game plays out. Whether it is betting on a total or taking a moneyline, we have the odds from WynnBET for you for each game as well. 

Here’s the weather report for Monday, Aug. 8: 

Toronto Blue Jays (-137) vs. Baltimore Orioles (+127) Weather

  • Total: 9.5
  • Forecast: 87 degrees and cloud, 18% chance of rain. Wind blowing out to left center at 9 mph. 

With two average starters on the mound in Yusei Kikuchi and Jordan Lyles, we already have a high total in this game. However, don’t be shocked if there are a few long balls with the wind blowing out tonight. 

Cincinnati Reds (+255) vs. New York Mets (-290) Weather

  • Total: 8.5
  • Forecast: 86 degrees and cloudy, 18% chance of rain. Wind blowing out to left field at 13 mph. 

We have another game with wind blowing out which should help the OVER, but Mets pitcher Chris Bassitt usually does a good job keeping the ball on the ground and in the ballpark. 

Washington Nationals (+170) vs. Chicago Cubs (-185) Weather

  • Total: 7.5
  • Forecast: 71 degrees and sunny, wind blowing in from left field at 16 mph. 

Two bad teams and the wind whipping at Wrigley Field? Seems like a recipe for an UNDER. 

Los Angeles Angels (+115) vs. Oakland Athletics (-125) Weather

  • Total: 7
  • Forecast: 68 degrees and sunny, wind blowing out to center field at 9 mph. 

This is a really low total with the wind blowing out in Oakland, but both of these offenses have been in the bottom-10 in OPS over the past month plus. 

Pittsburgh Pirates (+215) vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (-240) Weather

  • Total: 8
  • Forecast: This game is played in a dome.

San Francisco Giants (+158) vs. San Diego Padres (-173) Weather

  • Total: 8
  • Forecast: 74 degrees and sunny, chance of rain of 7%. Wind blowing out to right center field at 4 mph. 

With an average pitching matchup between Blake Snell and Alex Wood, this could be a game that goes over. Although, the weather won’t have too much of a factor based on this forecast. 

New York Yankees (-116) vs. Seattle Mariners (+106) Weather

  • Total: 7.5
  • Forecast: This game is played in a dome.

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