NBA Power Rankings Based on NBA Championship Odds (Nets Back on the Move After Week 22)

Memphis Grizzlies Jaren Jackson Jr.
Memphis Grizzlies Jaren Jackson Jr. / Bob Levey/GettyImages

The Association is constantly changing, and keeping up with who looks best can be difficult. Every week, I'll be providing my NBA Power Rankings for each team in relation to their NBA title odds

This is the last time we will be seeing the Thunder, Rockets, Pacers, Magic and Pistons in these rankings. They are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention and WynnBET has taken down NBA title odds for three of these teams already.

Here's how things stand with around 10 games left. All odds listed are via WynnBET.

1. Phoenix Suns (+300)

The Suns need Chris Paul back to win it all, but regular season wins are no big deal. They will be healthy when the time comes and it will be interesting to see how they follow up last season's title run.

2. Memphis Grizzlies (+2000)

There's not a team I'm more excited to see in the playoffs than the Memphis Grizzlies. Ja Morant has been fantastic all year long, and they've fought to get the No. 2 seed in the West. This is going to be a fun ride for them.

3. Miami Heat (+1000)

Miami continues to keep its distance at the top of the Eastern Conference. The Heat's biggest issue is Jimmy Butler not being able to shoot right now. If he can start making jumpers, they will be fine.

4. Golden State Warriors (+600)

The Warriors have Draymond Green back, but Steph Curry is out with an ankle injury. The "Playoff Warriors" will be fun to watch.

5. Milwaukee Bucks (+700)

The Milwaukee Bucks just need to get to the playoffs to test their championship DNA. I'm not too concerned with them.

6. Boston Celtics (+1100)

Boston's offense is starting to catch up to its defense. That is a scary sentence for the rest of the Eastern Conference. If Jayson Tatum becomes an efficient volume scorer, the Celtics could be the team to beat.

7. Brooklyn Nets (+600)

Kevin Durant is amazing. He is carrying this team on a nightly basis and even as a No.7 seed, the Nets are extremely dangerous.

8. Utah Jazz (+1800)

Utah needs homecourt advantage in the first round. If not, things can get ugly with the No. 5 seed. The regular season doesn't matter for Utah anymore. It's either a deep playoff run or nothing at all.

9. Dallas Mavericks (+3000)

Dallas has a chance to get homecourt advantage for the first time in the Luka Doncic era. Doncic is peaking at just the right time, and he will put the Mavericks in a better position soon.

10. Chicago Bulls (+3000)

Chicago looks like itself again now that Alex Caruso is back on the floor. Now that one part of its defense is back, Lonzo Ball's return is the only thing left for the Bulls to wait on.

11. Philadelphia 76ers (+700)

Philadelphia, after a week of bliss, has turned into a team centered around foul baiting and hopeful wishing. If Harden and Embiid can't play clean basketball, a first round upset could brewing.

12. Minnesota Timberwolves (+8000)

Minnesota gets this spot because it's fought its way back into the playoff picture. The Wolves do have the eighth-hardest remaining schedule, which will truly put this final surge to the test.

13. Denver Nuggets (+2500)

Denver will need Nikola Jokic to go into overdrive to keep them from being in the play-in. The Nuggets have been hit or miss this season, which emphasizes the importance of having your spot secured. With the Timberwolves closing in, Denver has work to do.

14. Cleveland Cavaliers (+6000)

Cleveland has fallen off severely since the beginning of the season. With Jarrett Allen out, it's hard to maintain a solid interior defensive presence --even with Evan Mobley.

15. Toronto Raptors (+10000)

The Raptors' season will come down to whether they can finish strong over this final period. If they get into a slump and fall into the play-in, I might fade them in the tournament. Otherwise, they could have a set matchup from the jump.

16. Charlotte Hornets (+25000)

Charlotte finally is back in the win column on a regular basis. The Hornets are getting a hold of the No. 9 seed in the East and will hope to have a different result than last year's play-in game.

17. Los Angeles Clippers (+8000)

The Clippers are the epitome of consistency and purgatory. They fight every night, but are stuck in the No. 8 seed. Their ceiling depends on if Paul George comes back. Other than that, they will be a tough out.

18. Atlanta Hawks (+12500)

The Atlanta Hawks are safe in my opinion, but they aren't all the way good yet. The Hawks need to make up two games in order to get the play-in game at home. I don't think it happens, but the Hornets are unpredictable.

19. Los Angeles Lakers (+6000)

Don't look now, but the Lakers may have woken up. They've won games against the Raptors and Cavaliers and Russell Westbrook has shot well in those games. If the Lakers can get Anthony Davis back and shots to fall, it may get scary soon.

20. New Orleans Pelicans (+20000)

The Pelicans need to wake up. They're 4-6 in their last 10 games. With the Spurs on their tail, wins are needed in order to have a chance.

21. San Antonio Spurs (+100000)

The Spurs are so close to the playoffs, but they need some help. Dejounte Murray will have to go to another level to get them there. If the Pelicans keep dropping games, the Spurs dynasty might get a chance to revive itself.

22. Portland Trail Blazers (+100000)

I still don't understand how the Blazers are still in contention for a playoff spot, but they are. Portland kept its hopes alive with a win over the Pistons and need to hope the Pelicans and Lakers fall apart down the stretch.

23. Washington Wizards (+100000)

The Wizards got a win over the Houston Rockets on Tuesday, but it is too little too late. They are five games behind Atlanta and won't be making the playoffs. Maybe this is the year Bradley Beal gets traded and the rebuild starts.

24. New York Knicks (+100000)

The Knicks, one season after getting homecourt advantage in the playoffs, are back in the lottery. Something needs to change for the Knicks this summer, or else next year might look very similar.

25. Sacramento Kings (+500000)

According to, the Kings have less than a 1% chance of getting to the No. 10 spot. With Sabonis now injured again, this season is basically a wrap. Sacramento needs to go back to the drawing board.

26. Oklahoma City Thunder (+500000)

They are 26th because although they don't have the talent to compete for wins, they are still one of the best teams to bet on against the spread.

27. Houston Rockets (+N/A)

Houston has a lot to look forward to with Jalen Green coming along. Next season should be focused on bringing in veterans and trying to compete in an open conference.

28. Indiana Pacers (+500000)

The Pacers have one cornerstone in Tyrese Haliburton. This offseason will likely have a lot of turnover as trades seem inevitable.

29. Detroit Pistons (N/A)

Cade Cunningham made a late run for Rookie of the Year, but just didn't have enough to get there. Detroit should spend a little more money and try to get out of the basement next year.

30. Orlando Magic (N/A)

Orlando should pray the ping pong balls fall its way because they were pitiful this season and need new talent -- soon.